Screens and electronic devices have overtaken our lives in the 21st century. Maybe it is a young adult, kid, old age man or woman; everyone is urged to become a screen addict. These electronic devices have many benefits for humans, but the costs of the side effects are arguably much more than the benefits, as they cost us our health. If you perform a CBC Lab Test on a screen addict, many irregularities will be found. Moreover, this addiction also plays an indirect but increasingly obvious role in today’s generation’s increasing rates of STDs.

Alcohol and tobacco addicts are commonly placed, but a new generation has become addicted to screens and social media. Any addiction allows the release of dopamine, which affects our impulse control. Screen addiction also does the same. Moreover, it negatively affects the frontal cortex of our brain in a similar way that cocaine does. Screen addiction is very harmful to the human body. It poses various ill effects, which we will discuss in this article.

Why is Screen Addiction increasing? 

There are various reasons for screen addiction. Firstly, social media has emerged as a flood in the 21st century. Every one of us is under the shade of social media. How can kids and teens stay away from it? Secondly, today’s parents do not have any experience with these situations as they didn’t pass them in their childhood. Thus, they don’t know how to handle these conditions. Moreover, many parents don’t pay attention to what their child watches and how much time he spends on screen. This makes the child a screen addict.

Moreover, the pandemic lockdown has locked the public in their homes, and the only way for entertainment is their mobile screens and social media. Thus, the pandemic has also played an essential role in screen addiction.

How does Screen addiction relate to Outbreaks?

Now, if we talk about the relationship between screen addiction and the rise of STDs, it would not be wrong to say that screen and social media addiction is a prominent reason for STD outbreaks in the UK and worldwide. But how?

The answer to this question is a lot of social media content that contains immoral, filthy, and sexually abusive content. This encourages the screen addicts to pursue the same, or if not encouraged, then it must develop a feeling of sexual contact. This leads to hypersexual activity and unprotected sex, which are the main reasons for the spreading of sexual infections. Thus, it can indirectly lead to an STD outbreak. STD Profile Tests can detect sexual diseases, and they are used exactly for that.

How to Protect Our Children From the Spread Due to Screen Addiction? 

  • We must teach our kids that everything they see on social media is not always real.
  • Moreover, makes them sensible enough to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • The best step as a parent would be not to expose your children until they become sensible and understand the rights and wrongs of this world.
  • As parents, we need to boost our children’s self-esteem, which can decrease due to constant screen exposure.
  • Hear their talks sensibly and patiently and try not to react impulsively to their wrong things. The parents’ harsh talk and scolding nature can make the child stubborn and inflexible.
  • Fix a time for watching mobile or tablet and always have a look at what they are exposed to.
  • Don’t let them be exposed to adult content.

Recommended Screentime for Kids

Screen time for children has taken a great shift over the years. The most common screen timings for children are:

  • Six months old and below: No Screen Time
  • Six months to two years old children: allow them to watch interactive social play but only under the guidance of an adult.
  • Two to five years old children: Don’t allow them to watch more than one hour.
  • School-aged children: Don’t set a limit for them, but don’t allow them to use social media and limit their gaming time.

Effects of Screen Addiction on Health

Various health problems can develop due to high screen time. Some of those problems are:

  • Non-sleepy Nights: Excessive screen time leads to irregular sleeping habits. This is one of the most common side effects of screen addiction. This happens because of the exposure of our minds to the blue lights of our mobiles, tablets, and laptops. This light not only affects our eyes but also impacts sleep management. The production of hormones like melatonin becomes less due to blue light exposure and thus leads to sleepless nights. Get a CBC exam to know the reason, as it can also be because of the development of other medical conditions. CBC checkup will help to reveal everything.
  • Back and Neck Related Issues: Chronic back, neck, and shoulder issues can occur due to the overuse of electronic devices. The posture in which we sit while using mobiles and laptops can affect our muscles and bones and lead to health issues like Spondylitis.
  • Anxiety and Depression: Apart from physical issues, screen addicts can also be the prey of mental conditions like depression and anxiety. Overuse of social media leads to the inability to read emotions, which can cause anxiety and depression. These conditions can also lead to suicidal thoughts.
  • Sexual health issues: The wave of the porn industry is flagging everywhere. No is spare from it. It is posing various unhealthy conditions for our generation. Adult content can also lead to several sexual health problems and also becomes the reason for STD transmission.
  • Other health conditions: Various other health conditions are developing due to the overuse of screens. Conduct regular CBC checkups to keep yourself updated on your health.


Electronic devices also have side effects, just like every beneficial thing. Don’t let your children and the people around you be puppets of screens. This will not only affect their practical life but also impact their physical and mental health. Moreover, it obliquely leads to the spread of STDs. Furthermore, CBC testing can help find other medical conditions. And Medicines Online is the best place to get home kits.