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Leukocytes, platelets and other important indicators 

Hematological (general) CBC blood tests are basic exams taken by every person, even newborns, more often than others. Their indications are important but quite limited. The exam is affordable compared to others and gives results quickly. Today, we will look at the columns of the conclusion, and you will understand why it is worth taking.

Now, it seems like a quest involving running around and persuasion. 

Preparation for the procedure

There is preparation, although it is not that significant.

It was once believed that you can’t eat, drink or even brush your teeth in the morning to not harm the analysis and not violate its reliability. Now they tell us that you can and even should drink. My blood is very thick, and they scold me for it. I don’t eat certain foods the day before (from the second half of the day). The most obvious is sugar, including both sweets and many fruits. Experience tells me that this is not in vain. Sometimes, I re-donated, and this is an unnecessary expense and hassle.

Some people, and better yet, everyone, should cut out fatty and other specific foods.

It is advisable to get enough sleep and not be nervous.

I once thought that Anaemia exams should be taken when healthy because a random analysis during illness distorts and does not indicate a trend. Still, the CBC doctor recommended getting tested at the peak of the illness.


It doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t hurt, although the kids are scared, and it’s incredibly hard to restrain my daughter, let alone distract her. Ca125 tests mean that blood can be taken from a finger, and it’s much easier for children than getting into a vein. When I take several tests simultaneously, they don’t separate capillary blood; venous is enough. After giving birth, I became more sensitive, and the process was unpleasant. There are no bruises if you hold your hand vertically for 5 minutes, bent at the elbow. We remove the bandage afterwards.


The results arrive quickly (at least if you pay for them), and you can pick them up the next day. Even more convenient, you don’t have to go anywhere and can receive the results by e-mail. 

It is easy to figure out the results yourself because the table contains not only the final figures but also normal values and their range, which we strive for. You can immediately see what deviates and how much. 

Better not start googling. I often do this and then regret it. Many horror stories are on the Internet, refuted by doctors at the reception. You need to look at the results in totality, and this is only easy to do with the necessary education.

What did we learn about ourselves?

In my opinion, the most important are the haemoglobin (which explains weakness, dizziness, low iron, and anaemia), platelets (thick blood can lead to vascular occlusion and show a recent injury), leukocytes (which indicate inflammatory processes even when there are no complaints), and many other indicators that are less often discussed in layman’s circles.

A Complete Count rarely shows me problems. This time, the platelets stood out. I asked the doctor what this meant; there were no particular reasons for concern. The doctor prescribed pills to improve liver function. Along with excessively elevated thyroid antibodies, the herbal pills will “cleanse the blood” and renew it.

Remember your health, and don’t wait until something hurts. Go twice yearly for preventive purposes; taking advantage of the moment is important. I recommend taking biochemistry simultaneously, starting from that, and possibly taking something else as prescribed by the doctor.


I looked at my CBC general test and didn’t understand how I was living at all)))) Almost all points were abnormal. And as a result, now I’m looking for the cause of anaemia.

Hello, everyone. I wanted to tell you about my recent general blood test. I take many tests now, so I will gradually tell you about some. 


In general, I have had anaemia since childhood. Only then did no one diagnose me with it. And I didn’t bother to figure out what was wrong with me. They just said that I would outgrow it. Well, as you can see, I didn’t. In August, in addition to the seasonal allergy to ragweed, I also started to feel dizzy all the time. I especially felt it during training. Sometimes, I had to stop doing certain exercises and stand there and wait until my head stopped spinning.

On top of that, it became very hard for me to wake up in the morning. I am very glad that now I have a shift schedule and can afford to sleep more often. Nevertheless, getting up in the morning was a chore for me. And then there were nosebleeds. The CBC-trained doctor prescribed me a complete blood count, which was also a general one.

My blood was also tested for other Anemia factors. I can tell you about some separately if you’re okay with it.

Preparation and Delivery

If a private CBC clinic tells you how to prepare, they didn’t tell me anything at a free clinic. You need to give blood on an empty stomach. Still, a CBC-trained doctor or nurse should discuss this or remind the patient what can and cannot be done before the procedure. Ultimately, I just Googled since my blood was checked for other factors.

I was scheduled to come to a specific office at 9:20 a.m. The night before, at 9 p.m., I had a light dinner. I drank weak tea with some bread and ate nothing until the test.

When I arrived at the Anaemia clinic and it was my turn, I entered the office. Then everything was basically as I imagined. I sat at a small table and put my hand on a special pillow. I squeezed my fist; they tied a tourniquet around my hand, found a vein and took blood.

Moreover, the Anaemia sample was taken not with a syringe but with special vacuum tubes. The blood poured in there itself. My head did not spin, I did not faint)) Although they constantly told me to look out the window. After the CBC general sample was taken, they clamped my hand with cotton wool with alcohol. They did not apply any bandages. And immediately sent me home. 

Still, I sat on the bench for a while. Then I removed the cotton wool, put on my outerwear, and went home. By evening, there was no bruise at the injection site. 


The CBC result appeared on the second day. At the bottom of the direction was a unique number and a website where I could see the Anaemia test results online. I would have to wait at least three days for the results. But no, everything was ready already on the second day, possibly on the same day of delivery. 

Treatment/ Prescriptions

After the CBC doctor saw my result, she said it was anaemia. I was prescribed vitamins and iron supplements. After a month of taking the test, I must make another appointment to be tested again.

Now I take Bion 3 and Tardiferon. Bion 3 is also prescribed after antibiotics because it restores the intestinal microflora.

I was also advised to make an Anaemia appointment test with an endocrinologist to check my thyroid. Since I have had anaemia since childhood, I now intend to look for the cause. In addition, I am on a diet for iron deficiency anaemia.

This analysis is necessary and useful. It can reveal deviations in the body at early stages. The main thing is to listen to the symptoms.

I give it 5 stars. I see no reason not to recommend it!