Universal 4521 Fabric Face MaskNowadays, the government has implemented strict rules when you are traveling such as getting a PCR travel test, and wearing of face mask. There are a lot of covers in the market, one of them is the one in the picture. This piece includes a variety of reliable PPE like the universal 4521 Fabric Face Covers. The fabric face covers are waterproof and best for adults and teenagers.

Features of the Universal 4521 Fabric

Let’s review the major features that make these covers unique and different from the others.

Crowd Defense

This PPE has two layers. Besides, these are ideal for cutting cramped areas. They’re best suited for areas such as airports, bus terminals, train stations, and crowded streets around the city to protect you against Covid-19. The masks are also perfect during heavy pollen seasons when you only go outdoors. Also ideal when smoke, smog, or air pollution is dense.

2 Specially Woven Layers

The standardized cover includes two cotton layers in two separate thicknesses. Furthermore, the outer black layer is less thick. Therefore, it helps to block larger particles, while the inner white layer is thicker and built to prevent smaller particles. The specially woven fabric renders it extremely breathable and efficiently helps spread the moisture. Thus, that makes these masks feel comfortable and cool to wear, all day.

Smog & Pollution Defense

Excess smog, car emissions, and chemical pollution will cause problems in the respiratory system. Here, these 4521 face coverings are reusable, made with two layers of cotton. Thus, it offers supportive protection against non-toxic compounds.

2-D vs 3-D PPE

Many protections of a lower quality are crafted in two dimensions. 2-D covers include a flimsy sheet of fabric that lays flat as you put it down. That’s an issue because the human face isn’t flat. These have more significant gaps nearly always around the sides, top and bottom. Such full holes allow for the entry and exit of unfiltered air, significantly decreasing the effectiveness of the mask.

4521 is a cover that has three dimensions. It is produced from two specially woven layers of cotton. This design allows it to adjust with minimum gaps to the shape of your face and to seal tightly. Such technologies massively improve the air quality that is inhaled.

Daily Workplace

This cover is a great companion to your day of work, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. It’s thin, breathable, and wearing is comfortable all day. Plus, it is washable by machine, so keeping clean and fresh is easy.


It’s no secret that all forms of public transport can be a real petri dish of musty and stagnant air shared with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people. This PPE is a great companion for your daily commute. Always remember to bring your PCR travel test when traveling as the officials will ask you for it.

Comfortable and Clarity

Two breathable kinds of cotton, a durable and flexible nose bridge, a 3-D shape that matches your face’s contours, and stretchy elastic ear clips, all work together to make this a snug but supportive fit at any time. A properly fitting protection allows only a very minimal amount of unfiltered air to enter or escape, and minimizes the buildup of fog on your eyewear. The Universal 4521 face covers are perfect for most daily activities, including but not limited to: running, walking, jogging, house cleaning, dusting, work on the yard or garden, and more. It protects your mouth and face against dust, ash, pollen, grasses, weeds, passive smoking, and other pollutants in the air.

Seasonal Allergy

These covers are a great companion for outdoor activities, in particular garden and lawn work. Even after extended wear, it is thin, fresh, and comfortable. The two layers of cotton protect you against Covid-19 viruses, dust, pollen, and other irritants in the open. Even more, the low cut does not obstruct your visibility.


Based on numerous studies, this two-layer PPE is the ideal solution for both small and large enterprises that offer a PCR travel test to individuals. Give it to your employees and even provide some for customers. They are light and breathable. You can machine wash and dry to get them looking and feeling fresh.