Medicine Tube STI Home Test
COVID-19 has affected many lives around the world. Scientists are working hard to find a treatment for this disease. They have tried different medicines, which are showing promising results. These medicines are now undergoing an antibody STI Home test for final approval.

Hope for a new solution.

The World Health Organization has allowed four methods to carry out COVID-19 vaccination tests. They approved the use of drugs used to cure malaria. However, doctors got instructions to stop using these on COVID-19 patients a few days later. It happened soon after Lancet, a peer-reviewed medical journal, released a paper that negatively impacted its use.

The article said those taking these medicines were likelier to die. These deaths could be due to heart-related diseases. Many countries, such as India, are still using the medicine. They claim that they have a different set of data that contradicts these findings. The European Union stopped using anti-malarial options. They took this step after they got to know about Lancet’s conclusions. They said they would consider using this when they believe it is necessary.

How did STI Home tests become popular?

The following could be one of the reasons. Some world leaders, like Donald Trump of the US and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, have come out in the open and supported STI Home Test use. They claim that they have the samples taken often. Hence it is unlikely for them to be affected by the disease. Such remarks from world leaders have boosted anti-malaria medicine sales and LFTs around the globe. These are now part of the COVID-19 vaccination tests in labs worldwide. This technology has spilt over from the sexual health STI testing methods.

A pharmaceutical company in France led a small experiment on a new type of cure. This was made by mixing hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin. A small number of people took part in the trial. The company did not want to take the risk. So, they did not do the test on large groups of people. The result proved that the patients who received the treatment recovered quickly compared to the control group, who did not take medicine.

However, medical experts had doubts about the validity of the results. Then, the lab removed the results from the website as they were old and controversial.

Were all STI Home examinations successful?

Not all medical options suffered the same fate. Doctors around the world approve of some of them. Remedisivir was one of them. The Food and Drug Administration of the US supported it. However, it added some rules on how to use it. It told all the nurses to obey them strictly. As per the process, the researchers can only use this medicine to fight life and death.


Several studies are still going on to find out more about the use of anti-malaria medicines. The results of these studies and experiments will decide the final fate of the cure.