Man using hand sanitizer
A man, by the name of Drake residing in the United States of America, was diagnosed with Covid-19 after doing an antigen test. As the USA was late in implementing the strict lockdown. Hence the poor man went every day to do his job as an office clerk for a multimillion-dollar company. He tried to do his best in following the SOPs. Because he understood that his newly discovered illness, is not something he should take lightly.

Drake did his best to avoid the virus by wearing PPE and washing his hands now and again. But because of the improper handling of the situation by the USA. The poor man did not fully understand how the infection spreads. Just one mistake at the office and he contracted the disease from a colleague.

The office shut down, and about five people had come in contact with the infected person. Drake is one of those five people, he had also encountered this disease. He did not care about living or dying, but he was scared for the life of his wife and his 6-year old daughter. Since there was little awareness about the coronavirus inside the states. He started searching online, and he found that the only way to cure it is to wait it out and let your immunity take care of it. But the most significant factor was isolating yourself so that your friends and family do not contract this disease from you.

The Steps he took

Drake valued the life of his family and started isolating himself after finding out in an antigen test that he was positive of this disease. He locked himself in the guest room and told his family that it was in their best interest if they did not get in contact with him. Had everything he needed to clean his crockery and utensils. He wore gloves before sliding anything under the door, like essentials he needed.

After a couple of days, Drake started showing symptoms of Covid-19. He was scared for his life but happy that he took the step of isolating himself. ‘I felt like a prisoner in my own home”, he said. “But it was for the benefit of my family, and I’d endure anything for them.”

Drake finally recovered after a couple of weeks and came out of the guest room as a healthy man who felt reborn. His will and dedication helped him out of this predicament. If had he not taken the necessary steps, his wife and daughter might be fighting for their lives too.


Drake’s timely actions led his family to be safe from Covid-19 and left a significant impact on the rest of us. As to how our actions under such circumstances will affect our surroundings. We must be selfless and implement social distancing religiously. Because, if this disease gets out of hand (which it has already). This idiotic act of not respecting social distancing will make many patients worldwide murderers of their fellow man.