Experts using medical options
A deadly pandemic started in a city in China. It then moved across the cities of China. The Covid-19 infected a lot of people. People started dying due to this fatal disease. Then it staved its attacks in other countries of the world. Almost all countries are fighting against this deadly infection with the help of an antigen test.

How is it contracted? Through direct contact with the patient. Due to this, states have paid attention to social distancing. People are advised to stay at home. Different countries advised people to use a face mask and hand gloves. They also paid heed to wash their hands with soap & water or sanitizers.

Role of Iran

As Covid-19 spreads through direct contact, different countries are bearing it. Millions of people have become infected. It has taken the lives of thousands of people so far. All the states have got affected by their fatal attacks. China played a vital role in growing the virus. Because this new variant arose from China, it also shifted to foreign people by Chinese. But now Iran is even playing a vital role in spreading this illness. After doing a daily antigen test, the number of victims is rising day by day. People are not taking this pandemic seriously.

Iran health ministry issued a report about its attacks on March 23. It is stated in a report that it infected 23,049 people so far, and almost 1,812 people have lost their lives. While the care paying state because it is brutal enough. It is even not an exact count. It is the truth that the real figures are much higher. An Iranian health minister tweeted that this virus is attacking almost 50 people every hour. He also said that nearly 6 people per hour are dying due to its fatal attacks. Other health officials stated that the number of cases was much less than shown—a crisis director of the WHO visited Iran on March 17.

In a press conference, he said that the actual figure of these cases after doing TTR is five times higher than the official toll.


It is right and careful to say that Iran has around 83 million people is one of the most important centers of this pandemic. It is hard to tell how the number of infected people raised rapidly to a critical level. All the blame mainly lies in Iranian politics. Iran knew about it, and its fatal effects, but it did no right steps to avoid or stop it. The government didn’t even inform the public about it and did not release any information. China showed the rise of a new pandemic. But Iran did nothing to stop global flights and travel between the two countries.

A parliament member of Iran accused that despite the government briefly closing all China-Iran flights, some airlines carried on business as usual. They also helped transfer China-bound people to other countries. These points clearly describe that Iran didn’t pay attention to this pandemic. This ignorance became the most important reason for the spreading of Covid-19. Overall, Iran played a vital role in spreading this pandemic.