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Covid-19 has affected the whole world today and has sabotaged the world’s economy. This pandemic has disturbed the world’s renowned health practitioners and organizations as they are still unable to find a proper vaccine for this virus. hence the government is still relying on a covid test near me. The spreading and effects of this virus are somewhat the same as Spanish flu back in 1918. The only difference is at that time the world was not that much developed but, still, there is no cure for this disease but the development of it is underway.

The 1918 illness and coronavirus both arose in a single region and then spread throughout the world. In addition, the former was the deadliest in the history of mankind, It affected about 500 million people and killed about 50 million. Covid-19 has affected around 8,150,950 people till now and has killed 439,897 people as of today. We have differentiated these viruses below.

Comparison Chart

S.NO. 1918 Disease 2019 Disease
1 Firstly, the Spanish flu spread through respiratory droplets. Covid-19 also spreads through respiratory droplets.
2 Secondly, it came in three different waves. The second wave was the deadliest one. Experts gave the same prediction for coronavirus that it will also have a second wave and it will be more deadly than the first one.
3 Thirdly, Influenza became so deadly because of world war one as the soldiers were mobilizing, creating a well-suited situation to spread. Today’s world is more connected than it was in 1918. Because this virus is spreading without any present war.
4 In addition, at that moment young men left their homes and traveled the world, and gathered by thousands in the military training camps. Civilians at that time continued to work and used the same transit hubs as the soldiers used. Moreover, the first wave of the disease spread in spring and early summer in 1918. The second wave of this disease which was the most deadly came in the autumn of 1918. Similarly, when it came firstly in China the rest of the world showed carelessness towards it. In addition, countries like Italy and Spain were experiencing, The dead lying on public roads. Above all, this was considered as the first wave of this virus which became more deadly than it should have been due to the negligence of people not getting a covid test near me. If a second wave, This would be more disastrous than it was in 1918.
5 Lastly, it was more deadly because it copied RNA and it never proofread its copied RNA to fix errors. Coronavirus on the other hand copies RNA and proofreads its copied RNA for fixing errors.


People are trying to conclude the virus that came in 1918 during the first world war was deadlier. Because that was a different time, the world was different, and the people were different too. Moreover today this pandemic is proving itself to be more deadly. Luckily, unlike before, we now have a covid test near me which helps to protect our health and avoid the condition. In conclusion, there are some similarities in both these viruses and in the way they spread but we should try to find ways to save ourselves by being in the present not by looking way back in the past when the world and people were much different.