Picture of the illness COVID PCR Test near me
When it comes to any battle or war, the side which prepares early always triumphs, whether it be a historical battle between two nations or a struggle with an un-seeable object such as a virus, the contest is always won by those who are determined to win and to prepare themselves for the worst, in this case, if a PCR test near me was introduced earlier, we could have saved more lives. But still, no one is to blame for the worldwide spread of Covid-19 except us humans. We have done every possible thing in our hands to spread this deadly disease across almost every country. Our vague early responses against this and considering it as mere flu have caused a severe and threatening global pandemic.

When thinking about what we could’ve done differently, many things come to mind. Many people who were unwilling to listen are now facing the battle of survival and death. Covid-19 has conquered 213 countries. Many countries are in total lockdown for a few weeks, some even months. More than 8 million people are now infected, and many are in critical condition. This could be much different if we were smart enough to follow the guidelines. The spread from China to the rest of the world was very rapid. In one month alone, the registration of new cases crossed a thousand number mark each day. The death count also kept on climbing.

What could we’ve done to lessen the cases?

  • We should’ve stayed in our homes even when not diagnosed with COVID-19, which would’ve minimised the chances of spread.
  • Many people disregarded quarantine even after diagnosis and went on vacations and parties. That was the worst thing that happened, which contributed to the spread.
  • Hand hygiene alone was more than enough to prevent the early spread of the disease. Instead, people paid no attention whatsoever.
  • One of the main problems was our underestimating the virus itself. Many named it the common flu and thought they could quickly combat it without getting a PCR test near me. That, however, wasn’t true, as evident in Italy, where people carried the same idea. And in just a nick of time, Italy became piling up dead bodies. So much so that they had no places left to bury people. Still, people refused to listen.

In Conclusion

Humans are the only ones to blame for the spread of Covid-19. Our sheer arrogance has thrown the world into massive despair. Many countries like China, Italy, and Russia have now enforced stringent laws for people roaming the streets because people are ignorant. Now, people are beginning to understand and realise the facts about this illness. Hopefully, this crisis will end soon, and we can return to our healthy lives.