Guidance on Test Results and Registering Your Test


Register for your Test & How do I get my Test Results?


  1. Please follow the Laboratory instructions inside the test box.

  • The instructions include a link to the Laboratories Data Systems to register your test sample and add your details.
  1. Register Your Sample on the URL provided in the Test Kit.

  • This Lab Account is where you will obtain updates about your test and test results from the Laboratory.


  1. When you return your sample to the Lab, make sure that you:

  • Please take a photo of your test sample Royal Mail Return Track24 label to track its path back to the Lab.
  • Take a photo of your sample codes so you have them if you did anything wrong in your Lab Registration Account.


  1. The Laboratory will send your results via email and notice to your Laboratory Account.

  • They are not structured to take calls from the public, so once you have confirmed from Royal Mail tracking that they have your sample, you will need to be patient.
  • Labs have a target parameter of 3 days for the results. Sometimes they can get them done in 2 days. Sometimes in 3 days, and sometimes it may be four days. Usually, it takes two days for the Lab to receive your sample. So it can take 4-6 days to get your results. If you want a faster service, consider upgrading to the Premium 2 & 8, which is everything the next day for £280.
  • If you do the above, you can also inform DHSC about the location and status of the sample when they call you asking for your Lab results. This will also place less pressure on you to provide DHSC with updates on your results, as you will have facts to give them about the status of your sample.


Medicines Online will take your call or contact request to assist you. But you will get better facts from looking inside your account to see the status of your sample.


We are improving our systems every day. And we apologise for any discord that may be experienced. We are making leaps and bounds to serve you better.