Hand Sanitizer Bottles COVID PCR tests near me
Almost six months have passed since the first Covid-19 case. Many countries are in the grasp of this devastating global pandemic. And still, many new cases are reported each day. Most of us know the precautions to protect ourselves from this deadly killer. I wash my hands with soap, do antigen PCR tests near me, use hand sanitiser, put on a face mask, etc. But some of us who aren’t infected are not adhering despite the daily rise in cases.

The story of a guy who caught the disease

The same was true with Alfred, a resident of Italy. He didn’t take the news of the pandemic seriously. He never cared and kept on with his busy life. The death toll from COVID-19 kept rising in Italy daily while TTR is ongoing. The government then passed a law for the commoners to wear face coverings while going outside. So Alfred had to do so, not because he wanted but because he had to.

An Important Purchase

One day, while going to a supermarket, he saw a sale on hand sanitisers 50% off! How could anyone miss this opportunity? Alfred bought his first-hand cleanser during this pandemic. He started jogging towards his home. Suddenly, his phone started ringing. It was his old friend Nathan! It has been a whole month since they both met. Nathan told him he was passing, so he decided to visit him but was in a hurry and couldn’t go upstairs. Alfred told him to wait there as he rushed back.

After 5 minutes of a strenuous run, he reached his apartment. He was glad to see that Nathan was still there waiting for him. Even though both were wearing face masks, they immediately recognised one another. The two shared some laughter and talked for a while. As it was getting late, Nathan said goodbye. Nathan coughed on his hand, and both shook their bare hands and departed ways out of grief. Alfred continued but then suddenly noticed something was missing from his bag. He glanced, and the sanitiser was not there.

Alfred looked around and saw it lying just around the corner. It fell while he was running towards his apartment. He quickly grabbed that cleanser and noticed that it had a delightful smell. Out of sheer enthusiasm, he poured some on his hands, placed it again in the bag, and proceeded back to his apartment.

Later that day, Nathan called Alfred. He, along with his entire family, was now infected with Covid-19! At that moment, Alfred realised he was in grave danger by shaking a coughed hand.

Lesson for life

After a few days of living in fear, he went to an antigen PCR test near me and had himself checked. And to his utter shock, he came out negative. That moment defined his life, and from that day, Alfred followed all the preventive measures that the WHO released. His friend finally recovered from the infection, giving Alfred a valuable lesson.