Medical Items COVID PCR Tests at Home
The world is losing millions of lives due to Covid-19. We cannot leave our homes, either for work or for enjoyment. Life has become difficult, as everything is closed, including borders requiring a PCR travel test. And people have no clue when we will be relieved of this disease. The World Health Organisation is sitting hopelessly as well. This large spread is because we did not take the virus seriously when it struck before.

Coronavirus is considered an unimportant part of the curriculum in many medical universities worldwide, mainly due to a lack of research and complexity. Now that this disease is upon us and killing people in thousands every day, we regret taking it lightly. The previous diseases were the wake-up call that we missed. If proper measures had been taken, we might not be in this mess.

Since we are already in this pandemic, we have been told about the importance of preventive measures to protect ourselves and our fellow man from this disease. The simple act of wearing face masks when going outside and regular use of sterilisers can help us prevent this disease. Hand protection solutions are a great way to kill germs on the go without the need for soap and water. However, soap and water remove most of the dust and sticky particles. Hand disinfectants are still a great way to release germs when you cannot access soap and water.

Importance of Hand Cleanser

Health Care Workers

They are the front-line soldiers in this fight against Covid-19. The protectors need the most shields; hence, PPE is crucial. The biggest problem hospitals that do test results face is the shortage of these products because of the great amount of usage by doctors and nurses. If they hold back in using these protective measures, they could lose their lives as they are our key workers, working closest to the virus.

The Father helped a hospital.

Doctors deserve more than gratitude for their services towards us when we are unwell and bedridden. Chris, a resident of Texas, has a daughter who fell ill when she was two years old. She was very sickly and visited the hospital ICU twice. Doctors helped her recover from the deadly flu, and Chris was ecstatic beyond all comprehension as his little girl’s life improved dramatically.

Moreover, Chris donated 6,100 gallons of hand sanitiser to the hospital to cure his baby girl. He found out that during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, the best he could do for the healthcare workers (especially those who do PCR travel tests often)  is to provide them with something that could help potentially save their lives. This act shows his gratitude towards the healthcare professionals saving our lives by risking theirs.