Face Masks
These days, different kinds of face masks give different types of protection. They have become important against COVID-19, together with doing PCR Tests near me, because these covers can restrict the number of germs in our lungs by covering our nose and mouth. HPV tests need hand washing, and a face mask is still a good idea.

Before you buy any of these, see which type is best and how to wear it.

Surgical Covers

This type is an FDA-certified disposable mask, mostly blue with white edges, mostly used by health professionals. These are only useful for one-time use. It is also a face shield that easily fits tightly around your face. The surgical version consists of ingredients of fabric cloth. This protects against large droplets emitted from an infected person by stopping the germ particles that may carry the virus.

N95 Respirator

Aims to get very powerful filtration of airborne tiny germ particles. Its edges develop a seal around the mouth and nose. Only people working directly with patients should make use of this mask. It can be used for up to 8 hours.

Basic Cloth has no protection

WHO suggests DIY face coverings, the opposite of surgical and N95, as above both suggest they are in great demand worldwide due to the pandemic. These homemade face protectors are at least two layers of Cloth: coffee filters, t-shirts, and other cotton materials. People who are not healthcare workers can use this version mainly because it is reusable and washable. A basic DIY face protector obviously would not stop the disease. However, it can add a layer of protection with social distancing measures like staying 6 meters away, for instance.

P100 Respirator

Other than protecting from COVID-19 viruses, this also protects from oil-based particles if worn properly. It is beneficial against blocking 99.98 % oil-based particles. These are ideal for food processing plants, construction environments, farming purposes, and pharmaceutical construction.

Filtering Facepiece

This goes by another name, a dust mask. It is 95% effective at filtering germ particles (fume, mist, plus dust) at the 0.3-micron level. It is disposable, light in weight, inexpensive, and easy to use. Moreover, it reduces the user’s inhalation of harmful fumes.

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

Compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA) is another name for this kind of protective wear. Healthcare professionals and rescue workers use this mask to provide fresh air to patients without oxygen.

Full-length face shield

This face shield offers several advantages; it protects the face from hazards such as pathogens, dirt, sprays, dust, and fluids. It provides different lengths extending to the full facepiece and mid-face. The full-length face shield is lightweight and an anti-fog shield against spraying. It is pure polyester for the most reflectiveness, and you can also wear it with glasses.

In Conclusion, even with many options for face protection, the government still urges the public to follow strict protocols, keep our immune system healthy, and ensure that we are free of the disease with the help of a PCR test near me.