Full Dust Allergy Profile Tests and COVID Masks have a common purpose.

Surgical Masks COVID allergy full profiles tests


2020 has turned out to be challenging so far, not only for a specific region but for the whole world. The pandemic situation of Covid-19 that arose in China has now affected almost the entire globe. Experts have released many ways of saving yourself from this virus, such as getting a COVID PCR test and wearing a face mask. But which is the best of so many types?

Today, we will discuss the difference between the surgical and cloth versions. Not all of us can afford an N95 cover daily. So, the options left with 85-90 per cent of the people are surgical and cloth covers. A surgical is replaced daily; hence, it is not economical; it’s disposable. So, many of us won’t go for this option as well. The option left is a cloth face cover. Lastly, with different prices, both these have other properties too. We will be discussing both one by one for a clear understanding.

Surgical Masks

These covers are medical equipment. We also need medically certified protective equipment to save us whenever we are out in public. Surgical masks are permitted barriers to outside germs and are great for Allergy protection, but are hard to wear daily.

The four-level certification is as follows:

  1. Minimum Protection: As the name implies, they are designed for single use. It means they are for short procedures or medical exams that will not involve any fluid, spray, or aerosol.
  2. Level 1: These are meant for places with fluids, spray, or aerosol. The fluid resistance of 80mmHg makes them ideal for low-risk situations. Masks have surgical and procedural applications.
  3. Level 2: With a resistant capacity of 120mmHg, this type can protect in moderate-risk situations with fluid, aerosol, and spray.
  4. Level 3: With a resistant capacity of 160mmHg from the spray, fluid, and aerosol, these have high resilient power.

Cloth Masks

Cloth masks help with dust allergies. Initially, the function of these was to protect people from dust. During this COVID-19 pandemic, these protections and a full allergy profile test are helpful. Still, compared to other surgical and respirator options like N-95, they have less value and risk. Disinfect and wash these after use. Above all, too many washes also reduce their efficiency, according to a study. There are many types available based on layers. It is easy to breathe through a single-layered mask. At the same time, a double or triple layer provides additional protection. They say that something is better than nothing, so wearing a cloth cover is better than wearing nothing publicly. It will provide some protection.