Picture of the disease
The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading all around the world rapidly. It arose from China and affected millions of people around the world. Thousands of people in different countries have lost their lives due to the disease and millions of cases arose after governments implemented a mandatory antigen test near me. The way of the spread of this virus is through direct contact with another individual.

Due to this, different states have paid attention to lockdown. They made social distancing compulsory for the people. Various countries made it obligatory to wear a face mask and hand gloves while going outside. As doctors are testing people through various TTR, new patients are arising day by day.

Air conditioning system

Recent studies have found that air conditioning systems might play a massive role in the spreading of the disease. This research looks at a woman in China who went to a restaurant days before she showed any signs. Experts found that four people got infected at her table and five people on other tables. The reason for this spread was an air conditioner behind her. This air conditioner spread droplets when people spoke.

This study suggested that an air conditioning system works as a carrier. It carries the virus droplets to other people through its air. It is said health professor Donald Milton in the University of Maryland environmental. With enough air pressure, your nose can take in large, harmful particles, for example, think pollen. This restaurant had exhaust fans that were turned on at the time of the infections.

Is this a factor for spreading?

Nowadays, there is no fresh air coming around you. Everyone around you is sick, and the disease infects him in some manner. So, beware of this bad air and use a face mask every time. Some popular rair conditioning systems recirculated the air and tried to filter it but didn’t succeed to bring fresh air or provide filtration. These systems are called Split AC. These splits are famous because of their energy efficiency.

Ceiling fans also move the air around, but they don’t spread the droplets. Property owners and real estate agents need to find how air is coming into their space. Studies found that through air dilution or filtration from outdoors, everyone in a room should have 5 to 10 liters of fresh or filtered air per second. Fresh air is beneficial and makes you healthy.

During the 1918 flu pandemic, patients stayed in tents with no walls and in clean air clinics. Doctors at that difficult time called fresh air a disinfectant.


So, this system can be the leading cause of such a rapid spread of the virus. It would be best for everyone to follow safety health tips. Everyone should wear a face mask and hand gloves. People should also use hand sanitizers. As this air swings the droplets of Covid-19, it attacks more people. Fresh air doesn’t kill the pathogen, but it dilutes it and reduces the infection level. If you are concerned you may have symptoms locate an antigen test near me for advice.