A man using hand sanitizer COVID Fit to Fly PCR test
It has been two weeks since the Diamond Princess cruise ship had its Covid-19 spread. Passengers received positive results after an antibody PCR test because they had recently boarded the cruise. There were more older people than youngsters; this meant a higher mortality risk. The infection rate aboard the ship was four times higher than in China, in the worst-affected areas. People had to stay on board.

An individual travelling on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship that arrived in Hong Kong tested positive.

What actions did the higher-ups take?

  • The Japanese government did not allow 3800 passengers to leave the cruise.
  • They shut off the ship until February 19.
  • The officials began isolating the passengers that showed any signs of illness.
  • A total of 619 passengers were subsequently found to have contracted the illness.

After arriving, the ship was not eliminated in Yokohama, and the passengers tested positive for the disease by the nurse. From the research, only 70 passengers were diagnosed. Due to the ship being quarantined, the infected people were, too. People adopted safety precautions, but they were not enough. After the cases on the boat, people started isolating themselves inside the ship due to the spread.

  • All passengers started isolated for more than two weeks.
  • The rate of infection was slow, but it wasn’t the solution.
  • Infected passengers were also on the cruise; other passengers were in danger.


The vessel-given information is very beneficial in determining the number of infected. But:

  • It is difficult to remove from quarantine countries implementing similar prevention measures.
  • A ship with Covid-19 would be easier to control than a whole country.

Hundreds of thousands of people paid the price. Millions of people have found themselves in the most dangerous places during this pandemic—the virus spread in the early 2020s. A lot of people found themselves on cruise ships. It is impossible to see how many passengers and crew became unwell or even died from the infection without the help of an antibody PCR test. It is unclear whether the World Health Organization took these stats under consideration. And the shipping industry had launched warnings from public health officials – remains mostly behind the tax.

Tracking down riots

The Miami Herald then began tracking down troubles on the ship. The number is alarming. About 2,592 people tested positive on a PCR Test after boarding this ship. Another report indicated that 65 people had lost their lives. The Herald ties the Covid-19 case with at least 54 cruise ships – about one-fifth of the fleet globally. The central air conditioning system in the boat is responsible for the spread. Since it carries and rotates the particles around the ship, it is difficult to avoid the highly spreading virus with coronavirus in a vessel. Because it is already a closed space. More so, the air constantly circulates inside a ship.