People all over the world had been keen to know their future. Some people use zodiac positions to predict the future. But, there is something in the human body that can tell everything about an individual. Genes have all the information about anatomy, physiology, immunity against diseases and much more. You can even tell what race or type of people can be infected easily with certain diseases. It has been found that some gene types are more susceptible to coronavirus infection. Some people have a better ability to fight against viruses. Such people have the capacity to develop antibodies against the virus quickly. But, that doesn’t mean that they will not have to take the antigen fit to fly test if they plan for a vacation. 

In a gene test, you can obtain information about a mutation or genetic disorder by examining a small part of DNA. Hollywood’s well-known celebrity Angelina Jolie removed both her breasts because of the risk of cancer. Cancer can pass down from one generation to the next in the family. She had doubts that she might also have breast cancer. When she underwent a gene genetics test, it was found that her gene was positive for breast cancer. Angelina had the breast removed to deal with the future threat. With this, you can understand how beneficial the gene test is. If you also want to know more about gene tests, then you should read this article.

What is a gene test?

In genetic testing, information is obtained about the chemical database of DNA. This test helps to understand the changes that an individual’s genes have gone through over the years. Any change in the gene is known as a mutation. Some mutations are natural and help to cope with the changing environment and some are bad and might have been induced due to various drugs or viruses. Some mutations might lead to many chronic diseases in an individual.  Everyone gets half the genes from the mother and half the genes from the father. Sometimes we can get some bad genes from our parents. Bad means the genes that carry disease or anomalies. Genetic testing helps to know such deformities. 

The diseases that are caused by genetic reasons are known as genetic disorders. Scientists have been able to create a genome map of hundreds of ethnic groups across the world. This has helped to create data that we can use to compare during the genetic tests. The UK is one of the leading countries in the world that has high-end technologies developed for genetic tests. These are complex and sophisticated tests. Many people across the world come to the UK for the treatment of genetic disorders. Due to covid related restrictions, anyone coming to the UK will require a 10-day quarantine. Your quarantine will end on the tenth day only if your day 2 & 8 coronavirus test results are negative. While flying back you will be required to take the antigen fit to fly test. 

Who should get a gene test?

Genetic testing is a complex and costly process. Not everyone requires a genetic test. Anyhow, if you have a family history of genetic disorders or diseases like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, bipolar disorder, excessive body weight, and cystic fibrosis your doctor might suggest you a genetic test. Therefore, it is important that you share your family history with your health specialist for proper guidance. The doctor can suggest various government approved tests that can detect the underlying problem in your genes. These tests also help in understanding the overall genetic makeup of an individual thus helping to know the family tree. This technology has also helped to solve hundreds of unsolved criminal cases. The genetic material obtained from the crime scene helped to find the criminal by a genetic match. 

Genetic Testing: How this test detects a disease?

You may be feeling strange hearing about genetic testing. For gene testing, the doctor would need a little saliva. DNA and RNA make your genetic profile that is present in the saliva.  Each DNA has strands and each strand has molecules in a definite pattern. The doctor then matches your DNA to the normal DNA. By decoding the DNA, the doctor can know the anomalies. This testing can also help to know which disease can infect the individual in the future. Decoding the DNA structure can help humanity in a great way. Might be someday the scientist can come up with a gene type that has the capacity to fight the coronavirus. This can help end the pandemic quickly. The world will be back to its normal and travellers won’t have to take an antigen fit to fly test before boarding the plane. 

The scope of genetic testing and technology is immense. More companies and individuals are investing in this technology. Thus the future seems to be bright. Someday you won’t have to stay in quarantine in a pandemic and get stressed about the day 2 & 8 test results. Any new virus can be contained quickly before there is an outbreak and humanity suffers a new pandemic again.

Types of genetic tests

Nutri-genetics test provides information about how genes affect a particular metabolic process and how it affects health. Food and nutrients directly or indirectly affect gene expression. Also, Gene tests give diet-related vitamins, iron requirements, eating habits, salt, caffeine sensitivity, etc. You understand in such a way that what you should or should not take in food is known from the test. A gene test also helps to ascertain the dietary requirements of the body. Fitness genomics provides information about what types of physical activity will benefit the body. Some parameters like aerobics capacity, sprinting, flexibility etc., have been included. Health genomics checks the body for obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, cardiac arrest and stroke.



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