LONDON, England, 11 May 2022 – Medicines Online Ltd, in correlation with the UK Government Homes for Ukraine Sponsor Scheme, is pleased to announce that it has already additionally donated nearly £50,000 and will continue to donate up to a total of £100,000 for refugees travel, accommodation and medical needs of Ukrainians fleeing their homes due to the Russian invasion. To help support more than 6 million victims in Ukraine, the company has deposited the amounts into Ukrainian victim’s accounts and several charity organisations involved in the support effort in Ukraine, Poland and Romania and the UK.

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Medicines Online Donated £100,000 for refugees travel, accommodation and medical needs

In these difficult times, Medicines Online Ltd supports volunteer organisations and the state British government program “Homes for Ukrainе“. Participation in the program will make it possible to make a goodwill gesture on the path to peace, health and safety for Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion. About 30 thousand Ukrainians have already applied for a visa to the UK nowadays.

“Wandsworth Council has already inspected and approved 2 properties set aside by Medicines Online staff to support the Homes for Ukraine scheme. And others are possible depending on demand,” says Medical Director Shaz Amad.

Several dozen people have expressed their desire to take advantage of sponsorship. For today, the amount of things that were bought for those in need is over £5,000. The company provided them with the opportunity to receive temporary accommodation, psychological help, resolution of bureaucratic difficulties and employment if desired. Additionally, everyone will be able to be served in the company’s laboratories and undergo medical tests using the various ranges of diagnostic services of the Laboratory.

“We are ready to provide not only assistance with the accommodation but also one of the best medical Laboratory services in London and of course, any other needs”, reported the founder of the company Perry James Brennan. He also confirmed that those in need of care “will be treated by Medicines Online’s qualified staff.”

From its dedicated Diagnostic and Training Laboratory based in the heart of Battersea, Medicines Online Ltd is one of the country’s leading COVID-19 screening and health diagnostics providers. We process tests for our partners and customers from across the UK. In 2022 we offer the latest, state of the art testing solutions across many popular disciplines.

If you would like to receive professional medical care or learn more about providing support for refugees, please contact us by phone or email. We are open to any support for those in need.


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