Picture of disease
The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. The fear and tension have been striking everyone’s heart. With a constant rise in the number of cases and deaths every day in every PCR test, things don’t seem to be settling down anytime soon. With no apparent cure right now for this disease and the development of vaccines seeming very far off, prevention is the only option.

The following list of things you should avoid

  • Not Washing Your Hands

Avoiding washing your hands is perhaps the worst thing you can do. Even if you are at home, don’t forget to wash it thoroughly, throughout the day. And use a hand cleanser when soap is not available.

  • Going out unnecessarily

By this, I don’t mean not going out for groceries or medicines. Try to adventure out as little as possible and stock your items for at least a week in advance.

  • Going to Large Social gatherings

Social gathering is entirely off. Avoid any social group, whether it be a business or birthday party, or a hang out with friends. You can only attend necessary meetings and such, following the SOPs, of course. At least for the next 6 to 8 months until this situation has hopefully been resolved.

  • Shaking Hands

A break in the spread of Covid-19 is possible if only we stopped shaking hands. Avoid shaking hands at all costs. Whether they be diseased or healthy, avoid any hand contact.

  • Panicking

Panicking will not get you anywhere. It will only make you tense and depressed. Try to remain calm and composed. And stay as tension-free as possible.

  • Visiting hospitals unnecessarily

If it is not for a PCR test then it would be best if you don’t go to the hospitals for your routine checkup. There is a very high probability of contamination over there. Avoid going to the hospitals or ER unless you have no other option.

  • Not using face masks

According to research, using a face mask while going outside has shown to reduce the spread of the virus. Always wear your mask while going out for buying groceries or your work. And don’t use the cloth masks, try to use the N-95 or the surgical version.

Other factors to avoid

  • Eating unhealthily

Keeping your immune system healthy is the only natural way to combat the virus right now. People who eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables tend to have better immunity. A sound immune system means more ability to fight against the virus.

  • Touching the doorknobs and elevator buttons

The virus is present everywhere and can survive on things like doorknobs and buttons. Therefore, you should always disinfect your doorknob when you come back home. Also, try to wash your hands immediately after touching elevator buttons or at least use a hand sanitizer.

  • Going around when detected positive

Roaming around is perhaps the worst thing you can do when you know you are detected positive. Don’t panic! Quarantine yourself in your home, away from any of your friends and family members. And if you detect any symptoms, then do contact a test clinic nearby or a local helpline for further help.