You understand that showing off your body or doing certain tough exercises in the gym is not what constitutes a healthy body or a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a healthy lifestyle is an overall measure of your well being – which includes your body and mind alike. It also depends on location, priorities, and situations. For example, a woman in some parts of the world will be considered fit only if she has big breasts and buts. But, in other parts, it will be called obesity. Similarly, during pandemics, everybody wants to test themselves with kits from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers to test if they are corona positive or not. And, whether they can travel or not. Thus those who are not tested positive are healthy and fit in the present situation.

A naturally acquired good health is not permanent. As you grow old your health deteriorates. But, it is never too late to start aiming for a fit lifestyle (better than never starting at all). You can begin anytime and anywhere. After all, you don’t require any sort of test from any government approved lab to fix a date to start living healthy. It is more or less a change in your outlook on what you want to do with yourself. Having said that, let us discuss a few secret tips for a fit lifestyle for adults in this article. In short, the tips for leading a healthy lifestyle are divided into the ABCDE trick –

All About Planning & Maintaining

Taking care of your health is n rocket science. It really is all about planning and maintaining – your schedule and your choices. For example, if you plan to travel, then you can plan out all the best options for your diet, exercise schedule etc. Because things are different while travelling and you need to plan everything beforehand. And you might also require the green-list or amber-list testing kits from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers. Anyhow, since most of us are still working from home, it is critical to follow a balanced routine – a routine wherein you give equal importance to work and personal self alike. Once you get up, make a to-do list and plan out the things.

Beauty Sleep

Sleep is highly underrated in modern times, where people praise and puff about sleeping less and less. It’s probably best to immediately stop this toxicity. Sleeping properly plays a significant role in leading a fit, healthy lifestyle. To be frank there is no test that will tell you how much you should sleep or work. You can only work so much as your body allows; with a lack of sleep, your body will stop functioning correctly after a while. The only thing left with you will be exhaustion, weariness, headache, body ache, deadlines, and zero productivity. Aim for at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night. Trust us; you will notice positive changes in your overall health, mood, energy levels, and productivity levels.

Cardio, Meditation & Exercises

Movement is what keeps the body and mind active and alive. It is an absolute must to involve exercise in your daily routine for a fit lifestyle. Ensure that you dedicate time to working out. Now, a workout does not mean that you start lifting heavy weights – NO. Workouts may include walking, jogging, running, stretching, basic weight-lifting, yoga, and meditation. At the same time plan out your workout schedule in case, you plan to travel soon after the lockdown is over. You can order testing kits from any Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers. But, health should be your priority. Aim for a strong heart. When you do any exercise, dance, etc, the heartbeat almost doubles your normal heartbeat. If your heartbeat crosses the mark of 100-130 in 1 minute, then it is counted in the category of cardio.

When our heart rate increases, we breathe faster, which means that the lungs are exhaling and expelling more air. It is not that certain exercises are fixed for cardio. This includes common exercises like walking on a treadmill, cycling, jumping rope, climbing stairs, and jumping without a rope. Start your day with meditation for about 10-15 minutes, followed by easy stretching. Go for an early morning walk or run. Fill your soul up with the sunshine and freshness from the universe. If you want to know how strong is your heart and which exercise is best for it then consult a doctor. A treadmill test might be required to assess the condition of your heart. You can join a gym to keep yourself fit. There are many good gyms around Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, Luton, and Manchester that have cardio packages. 

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Hydrate-Hydrate-Hydrate!! Recall that your body is made up of 70% liquid, and to maintain that; you need to drink plenty of fluids. To make things interesting and tempting, incorporate various drinks apart from plain water – juices, coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. The most vital thing to consider is not overdoing a certain kind of beverage except for water. You may include other drinks in your routine as well but cannot replace them with water. To lead a fit, healthy lifestyle, you must consume about 100-170 ounces (3-5 litres) of water daily. Many tests and research have revealed that if you are not hydrated properly your organs suffer from many problems. Some of them can be fatal in a long run. 

Eat A Variety of Healthy Food

Eating a variety of food does not mean eating unhealthy or junk food. It is all about balanced meals to intake as many nutrients as possible regularly. So plan your meal in a way that includes foods rich in carbohydrates, protein, fibres, unsaturated fat, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. While at it, remember to reduce highly salty and sugary food. Tests have shown that both of them are harmful to your body if taken in large quantities. A healthy diet means foods, which are rich in nutrients like vitamins, calcium, and proteins. Foods that work to keep you healthy and fit and keep you away from diseases.