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Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Full Allergy Profile Home Test Kit

A quick finger-prick blood test which tests for 55 allergies


Finger-prick Sample
Test Kit delivered to your home
Cheapest price
Track24 Pre-Paid Label – Return to Lab
Easy to use and clear
Results within 1 week
55 Tests:
Honeybee venom
Lamb meat
House dust


Click here for the complete test list

Click here for instructions How to do a Blood Test at Home.

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What is a Full Allergy Test Profile?

Allergy occurs when the immune system interprets as harmful a foreign substance that is harmless to most people. When you are allergic, the immune system overreacts to the allergen by producing antibodies such as IgE immunoglobulins.

Why get a Full Allergy Test Profile?

  • If you have severe sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and itchy eyes.
  • If there is a risk of an allergic reaction to a very small amount of allergen.
  • If you are being treated with antihistamines or other medicines.

Instructions for use

Please take your sample in the morning. We advise that you use this at least one hour before any medication.

55 Tests

βœ“ Immunoglobulin E: measures the level of Immunoglobulin E, a type of antibody.

βœ“ Cat

βœ“ Dog

βœ“ Horse

βœ“ Alder

βœ“ Birch

βœ“ Hazel

βœ“ Oak

βœ“ Cypress

βœ“ Mugwort

βœ“ Rice

βœ“ Beef

βœ“ Codfish

βœ“ Hazelnut

βœ“ Almond

βœ“ Latex

βœ“ Tomato

βœ“ Carrot

βœ“ Potato

βœ“ Celery

βœ“ Crab

βœ“ Apricot

βœ“ Kiwi

βœ“ Apple

βœ“ Soybean

βœ“ Sesame

βœ“ Peanut

βœ“ Lamb meat

βœ“ Cockroach

βœ“ Rye flour

βœ“ Wheat flour

βœ“ Baker’s yeast

βœ“ House dust

βœ“ Egg white

βœ“ Egg yolk

βœ“ Cow’s milk

βœ“ Orchard grass

βœ“ Timothy grass

βœ“ Cultivated rye

βœ“ Shrimp/Prawn

βœ“ Honeybee venom

βœ“ Plantain (English)

βœ“ Penicillium notatum

βœ“ Common ragweed

βœ“ Alternaria alternata

βœ“ Aspergillus fumigatus

βœ“ Sweet vernal grass

βœ“ nBos d6 BSA (milk)

βœ“ nBos d4 Alpha-lactalbumin (milk)

βœ“ nBos d5 Beta-lactoglobulin

βœ“ nBos d8 Casein (milk)

βœ“ Common wasp venom

βœ“ Cladosporium herbarum

βœ“ Dermatophagoides farinae

βœ“ Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

How our Home Test Kits Work

Order your kit online and once it arrive collect your sample at home.

Drop off the parcel preferably in the morning to get the earlier box clearances. Using the Return Track24 pre-paid label on each test kit, drop the package off at the nearest Royal Mail Priority Red Box to return it to the Lab.

Once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your certificate.

How long do blood test results take?

The target turnaround time for Full Allergy Test Profile results is within one week. The turnaround time is a guide only and will sometimes depend upon assay run schedules.

Please take your test on a Monday to Thursday to avoid delivery delays at the lab.Β 


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