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Day 5 – Test and Release Travel Kit – 12 hours – Home/Hotel Delivery

£70.00 £50.00

  • Online Travel Test Questionaire to be completed 
  • Test Results in 12 hours from the day the sample is received by the Lab.
  • Deliver to the self Isolation Address on day 5
  • Free Test Kit for re-testing if the Lab requires Re-Sampling
  • National Laboratory Certified by Medicines Online for Next Day Results.
  • 1 x Stress-Free, Pre-Paid Royal Mail Track24, Return to Lab Labels included

Click here for instructions how to do a PCR test at home.

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Day 5 Test to RELEASE Lab PCR Swab Travel Test Kit. Next Day processing for Lab Results 

Test for the live Virus. Sensitive to all current variants.

  • Test Kits delivered to the self Isolation Address on day 5
  • Self Swab Test Kit for Day 5
  • Highest Quality test Brands
  • UKAS Registered Lab for best quality PCR test results in the UK. 
  • Lab PCR Swab Travel Test. Lab Results next day from the day the sample is received. 
  • Stress-Free, Royal Mail Return Paid Label. Next-Day to the Lab.

+ Certificate Issued

+ BONUS QR CODE Health Status Evidence

Different Tests MAY BE ACCEPTED by certain countries as a Travel Test please check

Royal Mail Special Postbox is used for COVID Test Kits Returns. But their website does not work to help you find the nearest one. You will need to download their Mobile App. The locator works well on it. Click HereROYAL MAIL COVID DROP Box ap

How it works: 

Please book your test as soon as possible as stock is running out sometimes. Try to book the Test before you travel but it’s ok if you book after also.

When you arrive in the UK we will send out on day 4, your Test to Release Day 5 Kit. It will arrive to you on day 5 by Royal Mail Track24 services. Royal Mail will send you several SMS and Emails regarding the arrival of your parcel.

When you receive your parcel on Day 5 you should open the box and following the instructions to self swab. Following the instructions, Register using the URL provided. You can put the sample back into an additional return box also provided. Open your Royal Mail App on your phone and locate the nearest Red COVID dropbox.

Drop off the parcel preferably in the morning to get the earlier box clearances.

Using the Return Track24 pre-paid label, drop the parcel off at the nearest Royal Mail Priority Red COVID Box to return it to the Lab. The lab aims to get your results to you within 1-2 days.

YOU MUST REGISTER your test on the link in the Instructions Sheet. And PLEASE register it as a next-day result. so it does not get processed as a regular 2 and 8 test process. 

But don’t panic if they are a day late. They are doing their best and you will get your results from them. Keep an eye on the Track24 delivery progress. Any issues contact Royal mail with your tracking numbers.

*For FTF and Day 5 Results we suggest hand-delivering the sample to the Lab or send a fast courier. Try not to use Royal Mail unless you have no option.


Please LOGOUT and Order again for each Friend or Family member.

(Due to Privacy principles, we do not accept multiple people on the same account)

Scan the QR code for instructions how to do a PCR test at home.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2 cm


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