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Things you need to know

Most people are hesitant to buy PCR test and medicine online because they do not know whether it is safe or not. However, we can not blame them. After all, some sites do not follow legal procedures. Also, others sell substandard pills that end up doing more harm than good. So this begs the question, are online drug stores safe? Before we answer a simple yes or no, let us look at other factors that will help us decide. Are there dangers of Buying from an Online Pharmacy? Yes and no. This may seem a bit confusing, but if you do your due diligence, then you are safe. If you don’t, then you risk harming your health with Covid. This is because you risk buying products that are not approved by the government. Other dangers of buying are:

  • Unscrupulous Pharmacists will release the item without a subscription
  • Some websites may not be authorized to sell
  • There are some that provide inaccurate information about the medications they deliver to you
  • Other websites may fail to protect your private information such as credit card number and home address

Also, there are emerging trends where unregistered pharmacies send questionnaires to the client and then use the information to make a diagnosis. Most of the time, these are inaccurate and the medicine given can either inflame your condition or even kill you.

Should You Be Afraid

It would be unfair if judged online stores too harshly. Generally, whether it is an online or a physical store, only buy from a licensed doctor.  This is because:

  • Drugs may be fake
  • It may be of poor quality
  • Have weak formulations
  • There are ingredients that are dangerous to your health
  • They may not be safe to use while on other medications
  • Has been shipped incorrectly

How You Protect Yourself?

Consult it first

Are they willing to give you your favorite pill without a prescription? This is a red flag. Most authorized online stores will avoid this because they do not want their licenses revoked. Sometimes, you may need to have a consultation session with a pharmacist and doing test to release. Before you start your consultation, it is important to ask the seller to show you his/her credentials. If they are valid, then the website is legit.

Avoid “New Cure” Sites

These are stores that advertise new medications and fishy PCR test as the latest in the market and as those that can cure any illness. In most cases, they have a compelling testimonial from happy people who have recovered from this illness. Based on experience, 99% of these cases are written by a copywriter in the Philippines.

Return Product Does not Come with Its Original Package

If the product does not come with its original package, I have one word for you. ‘Return to Sender.’ Why would a genuine online store change the packaging? It does not make sense. In conclusion, an online drug store carries the same risk as buying drugs in an unregistered pharmacy.