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Doing it at your home

Most people are asymptomatic while thousands more are getting infected. Thereby, they do not know their status unless they do a PCR Test. Though the government has tested thousands of people, chief scientists in the UK all agree that it is not enough! However, Citizens can supplement government efforts by getting their medical options. Why is this important?

  • It will be easier for the government to trace and isolate infected people
  • To protect the weak in society
  • You will get proper medication and treatment on time
  • You will be doing the world a great favor

Who Should Do it?

Healthy and sick people should get the treatment but because of a shortage of test kits, this is not possible to release yet. The CDC is prioritizing the medication to important workers. Some of these essential workers are :

  • Paramedics, doctors, and nurses
  • Medicine distributors
  • Manufacturers of protective clothing
  • Personal care assistants
  • Morgue attendants
  • Police, defense contractors, and soldiers
  • Fire rescue servicemen
  • Workers doing TTR

Essential workers such as nurses and delivery drivers will be checked first. You should also get examined if:

  • You have symptoms of the coronavirus such as fever and shortness of breath
  • Have been in contact with an infected person

The Main Trial Conducted in the UK

The main trial conducted in England is the PCR test. A doctor will use a special cotton bud to take a sample off your throat and nose. After that, the doctor will send it to the lab for analysis. Therefore, a technician will look for any signs of immunity to know if you have the disease.

How Do I Get these medical options?

Currently, there are only two ways of getting it:

  • Through a regional site
  • By ordering it online

Regional Sites

These are drive-through sites that have been set up by the government to offer services to UK citizens. In addition, you can either decide to be examined at the site or carry it with you and do it yourself at home.

Home Delivery

In this case, you will have to answer a few questions before getting the product delivered. In addition, there are two types. These are:

  • Kingfisher
  • Randox

Both of these kits will require you to take a liquid off your throat and nose. Though different brands, the functionality is the same.

What Happens If I contain the disease?

If this happens, do not panic. Do not try to get to the hospital as you risk infecting other people, especially if you are using the bus or train. The first step should be to call a hospital near you and the doctor in charge will ask whether you have any symptoms. If you do have symptoms, they will most likely send an ambulance to pick you.

In conclusion, if your symptoms are mild, it is advisable to self-isolate and if you have to buy groceries, then make sure you are wearing a mask. It is also important to ensure you adhere to the social distancing rules.