It is a well-known fact that viruses might change your genes. Although, there are no reports that suggest that coronavirus can induce any change to your genetic makeup. Anyhow, it is better not to take any risks during the pandemic. If you are planning for air travel, you should first consult your doctor. You will also require an antigen fit to fly test before you board a plane.  The genetic makeup of an individual decides about his or her physical and mental traits. It also decides which diseases one is susceptible to. People with specific genetic makeup were found to be more susceptible to die due to corona infection than others. A chromosomal anomaly can be due to many reasons. But it definitely means that the individual with such deformities will suffer from genetic disorders. 

A Karyotype identifies and evaluates the size, shape, and number of chromosomes in blood cells. Extra and absence of chromosomes or abnormal position of chromosomes impair the growth and physical functioning of the individual. The count of the number of chromosomes is constant. To explain it in simple words, then its number in the human species is 46. Any change in this number is an anomaly and might lead to many problems. Of which 44 autosomes and two sex chromosomes are identical in female (XX) and male (XY). Karyotypes help with blood cell count anomalies (such as trisomy and monosomy). The doctor can advise more testing to pinpoint the reasons for the problems with the chromosomes.

What is a chromosome?

Chromosomal is a set that inherits 50% from the mother and 50% from the father. The ovum and sperm with 23 chromosomes meet during conception. This set of chromosomes consists of 23-23 chromosomes, giving life to a human with 46 chromosomes. This test is helpful for couples who have had a miscarriage before. It also helps to examine the child for abnormal characteristics and developmental problems. A bone marrow or blood test may be done to identify the Philadelia chromosome. It is present in about 85% of people with chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML). You can get the chromosomes test from any lab with government approval. There are a few labs around Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, and Luton. 

What should I know before a karyotype test?

Before the karyotype test, it is helpful to know that it also identifies sex chromosomes (XX or XY) during chromosome evaluation. So this test is also a byproduct of determining the sex of the fetus. Some chromosome changes are so subtle and small that they cannot be detected by karyotyping. Another testing method, such as fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) or a micro-array. It can sometimes be helpful to check chromosomal abnormalities. It is feasible for people to have cells with different genetic materials in their bodies. We call this process mosaicism. Down syndrome is one example of this condition. The affected person may have some cells with an extra third chromosome 21 and some cells with the normal pair. There are studies that suggest that patients with autism may have genetic deformities. 

How to prepare for Karyotype Test?

The Karyotype test does not need any special preparation. Unlike the antigen fit to fly test, the karyotype test requires blood and time to evaluate the problems. It is important to note only a few things. You should talk to your health expert about the risks involved with the test, how it’s done, and your concerns. Since karyotyping information profoundly affects your life, you may want to see a genetic specialist or genetic counsellor. A genetic counsellor will help you comprehend what the test results mean for you. They will advise of the danger of having a baby with a genetic condition such as Down syndrome. The genetic counsellor gives you all the information which helps in decision making. You can ask for genetic counselling before the karyotype test.

What Happens During a Karyotype Test?

The person has to give a blood sample from their vein for the test. When the health professional takes a blood sample he will tie an elastic band over your arm so that the blood flow stops and the vein is visible. This makes it easier to remove blood from the vein. Then the injection site is cleaned with medicine. Blood is drawn for the sample by inserting a needle into the vein. The blood comes in a tube attached to the needle. When enough blood comes into the tube, the elastic band is removed. If you have entered the UK for this test from the government list of red-listed countries then you will require 10 days of mandatory quarantine. Your day 2 & 8 tests should be negative before you end the quarantine. 

Karyotype Test Results?

After 20 to 30 minutes after the test, the bandage on the needle site can be removed. You will also get the information about the result date. The doctor will explain to you the meaning of your results. You should rigidly follow the directions of the health expert.  The results of the chromosome karyotype test are available in 1 to 2 weeks. In case the karyotype test is normal, it means that 46 chromosomes can be classified as a group of 22 matching pairs and one pair of sex chromosomes (XX for female and XY for male). The size, shape, and structure are common to each chromosome. Even if your chromosomes are healthy that doesn’t mean that you are not susceptible to diseases. Especially the coronavirus. If you are planning to fly to other nations you will still require an antigen fit to fly test prior to the travel. 

The normal range for a karyotype test may vary depending on the lab and hospital. Please consult your doctor for any questions regarding the test results. Karyotype results make identifying mutations responsible for genetic diseases (cystic fibrosis, dystrophy, haemophilia, and thalassemia) easier). Cytogenetic information can help tumour research. Be sure to add a Fit to Fly test


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