The polluted air is detrimental to human health. Exposure to air pollutants can make you sick in several ways because the atmosphere is full of various pollutants. Breathing troubles, headaches, and heart problems can all be triggered by the increasing lowering of air quality. Those so-called safe pollution ranges can also pose various health issues and are unsafe. CBC Home kits have come out as a life-saving essential which gives the benefit of checking health status at home in this polluted environment. Whether you have to test for an STI infection or any other condition, Home Kits are there to help you. 

Over the past few years, the world has seen a global surge in air pollution and is becoming a hot research topic. Studies repeatedly indicate that air pollution harms human health and can lead to many new diseases that shorten their life span. Let’s understand some of the aspects of air pollution and the longevity of humans. 

Air Pollution and Life Span of Humans

Various studies have shown the relationship between air pollution and the life span of human beings. The presence of fine particulate matter in the atmosphere causes air pollution. They can be of any type, and different particulates trigger different infections. Many of them are proven to trigger headaches. Wildfire smoke exposure has come out as one of the causes of headaches. Also, all types of fire smoke are supposed to cause headaches.

Additionally, various particulate matter are known to cause multiple cardiovascular conditions. Tiny solid and liquid particles that hover in the air can also give you heart problems. Arterial inflammation can cause stroke or heart attacks. All these risk factors suggest that air pollution can be the reason for the short life span of human beings. 

Pollution affects Everyone but in Different Ways, but CBC Home Kits can help Everyone. 

Everyone is different, whether in our physical structures or internal body. We all have different energy rates, diets, needs, and requirements. Thus, the reaction of every human is also different for everyone. Some of us get easily affected, even by a tiny virus or bacteria, while others tend to fight every germ. This depends on the immune system, which gets energy from food and hygiene. Thus, to know the status of your immune system, you can go for a blood screening and act accordingly. It will help explain your health and help you to take the proper action. STI Home kits are there to help you. 

Can Air Pollution Trigger Headaches? 

There are not many details available regarding this connection, but it is for sure that air quality affects headaches. Several studies show that certain air pollutants can trigger neural pathways involving headaches or migraines. Some people are sensitive to odours and are more likely to experience headaches with increasing air pollution. Several pollutants tend to affect the brain nerves, which triggers headaches. Thus, it is essential to protect yourself from air pollution. You can wear a mask outside or go for CBC-type kits to examine any other possible effects of air pollution on your health. STI infections can also worsen with increasing air pollution as it weakens the immune system; thus, go for its home exam kits to check regular status. 

Other Effects of Air Pollution that Decreases Longevity and Needs Regular CBC Profiles

An abrupt increase in air pollution can become the reason for various infections and allergies. A sensitive person with a weak immune system is at risk of various health complications. Flu, cold, cough, fever, and other infections can occur to any person when they come in contact with a high-risk air pollutant. Everyone must determine whether the place they spend most of their time is safe. If it has a high pollution rate, you must avoid that place to safeguard your health. Children and senior citizens are more prone to airborne infections. They are the ones who need regular health checkups. 

CBC Blood Profiles are Important in Increasing Air Pollution Areas

The importance of Complete Count Profile Exams has increased due to various ways: 

  • When the air is full of pollutants, it becomes a welcome gate for other harmful germs that can cause severe illnesses. 
  • It makes the environment suffer a lot and affects the crops. 
  • The nutritional value of the food also experiences a deep decline in the air-polluted areas. 
  • The spread of certain diseases like cold and flu become more prevalent than ever. 
  • People with lung disease suffer the most.
  • Patients with chronic conditions also suffer a lot due to bad air quality. 

Apart from these points, several more conditions need early detection to prevent the severity of an infection. A CBC Exam will help to evaluate the condition of your body in a varied way. You can go for it at home using home monitoring kits for complete blood checkups.


Air pollution is increasing day by day. Global warming is said to be the biggest reason behind this. However, the real culprit behind global warming is human activities. It is also important to note that the one who suffers the most from this condition is also humans. Air pollution decreases their longevity and leads to various diseases. To keep an eye on your health, you can go for regular CBC Exams by purchasing home kits available at the official website of Medicines Online. You’ll get fast results that will help you to uncover every health detail of your internal body. The same goes for an STI Home kit; you can enjoy the benefits of privacy and convenience at home.