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Test to Release is one way of getting your result which you can interpret later. It is probably the best bet the world has at the moment. The best way to win this war is by having an Antigen test near me for the general population. In addition, isolating infected people from the general people will flatten the curve. Though scientists in laboratories believe the disease is not going anywhere any time soon, the priority is to flatten the curve.

What is the way to flatten it?

The Covid-19 virus is easily transmittable. We have seen countries such as Russia, Brazil, and America record daily cases of up to 10,000 infections a day. According to WHO, one infected person can transmit this disease to four other people. Now, imagine how many people 10,000 can do that in a day. If cases continue to rise, health care systems will become overstretched and possibly, collapse. Flattening the curve is to reduce the number of daily cases to be at per with what healthcare systems can handle. For example, if the health care system can treat 10,000 patients in a day, then only  10,000 or fewer should have the condition. This way, people will be able to get treatment without healthcare systems collapsing.

There are two ways to get kits:

  • Via the NHS website
  • Through an online Pharmacy

Via the NHS Website

The NHS has guidelines for people who may want medical options. You may ask for these if:

  • You believe you have covid symptoms. These symptoms include fever, persistent cough, shortness of breath, and change of smell and taste
  • If you live with an individual who you suspect has the condition

If you are a resident of Wales and England, you can order one for children of any age. However, if you live in Northern Ireland, you can only request only if the child is over five years old.

Through an Online Pharmacy

This is a relatively simple process and it involves you contacting an online store. They will then send you kits, which you will be expected to release to a facility.

What should I do next?

Once you receive your kits, you will take a sample liquid of your nose and throat. In most cases, you do not need any help as long as you are not below 12 years of age. Once you send your result to the lab or an Antigen test near me, they can either be Positive, Negative, or Unclear. A positive result means you have the virus. In this case, you must ensure you self-isolate together with your family or roommates. This only applies if you leave with them. If the results are negative, it means you do not have the disease. In case you were self-isolating, you would no longer be required to continue isolating. If the results are unclear or inconclusive, it means that the results obtained can not tell if you have the virus or not. In this case, you will be instructed to order another kit. If you have Covid symptoms, self-isolate for at least seven days from the day it started. In conclusion, If you live with family members who have no symptoms, they should self-isolate for at least 14 days.