The role of PPE

Face Masks during this Covid-19 Pandemic cannot be stressed enough. The strain of the virus has taken the world by storm. The mode of transmission is via respiratory droplets. With such an easy means of spread, the disease has stricken fear in everyone’s heart. Thousands are getting an infection each day. The world is trembling in fear. Going outside the borders got tightened as it now requires PCR Travel test.

Importance of Prevention

With it being a viral infection, the release of treatment will not be simple, and lab scientists are still trying to discover the cure. On the other hand, the reported development of a vaccine will take at least six months or even a year. The only available option, as of now, is to provide supportive care to the patients. Therefore, prevention from this illness is of utmost importance. WHO has stated some guidelines for us to follow if we are to reduce the spread.

Hand hygiene and using a face shield while going outside are the two essential things everyone needs to follow to protect themselves.

Importance of face mask

In general, face protection prevents the spread by filtering the air we breathe—the WHO recommends the mask for health workers and professionals doing a test to release. Many news reports have suggested that the use of covers can decrease the number of Covid cases. Therefore the people are beginning to use more and more of these products in their everyday life. Wearing one while going outside can help you protect yourself from a potential particle in the atmosphere. While talking to a carrier of the disease that you are unaware of, they may cough or sneeze. This will launch the viral particles in midair. The particles then may enter your respiratory tract and cause infection if you are not wearing any protection.

The same may occur if you are a dormant carrier of the illness. You may spread it to another healthy individual if not wearing any protective covers. Wearing it proves to be very useful. Many countries like the US are making it illegal to roam around the streets without a face shield and travelling to another place will require a PCR Travel test. The wearing of covers, coupled with proper hand hygiene, can decrease the spread by quite a margin. Some people and governments also found out that wearing it will not only help prevent the spread. But, it will also make people feel safer and help them return to their healthy lives. As people wearing them will feel more confident while going to work. They will have a sense of protection that will help people in somewhat normalizing their lives.

The Takeaway Message

During these days, maintaining good hand hygiene and wearing a PPE can help us to defend ourselves. At the same time, keeping social distancing as much as we can.  Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, we should work hard now rather than regret it later onwards, leading healthy, tense, and worry-free lives. And we shall soon see through these dark days.