a man in computer holding medicine

Choosing the right store

These days, it does not make sense to visit the physical store only to buy your prescription pill. Let us imagine you want to buy the blue pill, how do you start explaining to the pharmacist or doctor that you have an erection problem. If it’s a beautiful woman, it gets even more embarrassing. This is also the case when you are trying to get an Antigen Test near me or TTR as most people would be embarrassed to take it. It is for this reason that using an store has become the new trend.

Benefits of buying online


Sometimes, we will not travel to visit a pharmacy because we do not want people to see us buying certain types of medications. Maybe you do not want your neighbor to find out that you have Diabetes or you have a heart problem. If this is you, then you may want to consider an online drug store. You will order your prescriptions in the comfort of your room and have them delivered as a package far away from prying eyes. Did you know that most men above 40 who have erectile dysfunction suffer in silence? This is because they are ashamed of buying the pill. However, the same men have an improved healthy life once they get introduced to online shopping.


Contrary to popular belief, an online pharmacist will offer consultation services to buyers who would like to speak to a registered one. Depending on the company, this can be done via phone, which ensures your privacy is guaranteed, or via zoom.

Dangers of buying online

Before you choose to order your first prescription online, it is crucial to understand the risks. These risks can only be mitigated if you order from a reliable pharmacy.  Unlicensed pharmacies subject you to the following risks:

  • Risk of buying counterfeit drugs
  • Buying unregulated drugs
  • Purchasing the wrong medicine
  • Risk of not receiving your drugs

What should I consider?

First of all, whether you are looking for an Antigen test near me or just simply buying medicine online, be sure that it is not illegal. But before you make your first order, you must lookout for the following red flags:

Not on Your Insurers List

The best way is to ask your insurance company to release a list of all accredited online stores. Insurance companies vet pharmacies and laboratories before allowing them to be part of their suppliers.

Does not Require a Prescription

Though we understand that some stores use underhand tactics to increase their revenue, be very wary of those that don’t require you to have a prescription. Some of these may provide doctors to prescribe without a physical exam. This is illegal and you might get arrested for it.

Unrealistically Low Prices

This factor may suggest that the pharmacy is selling substandard medicines or they are fake having been manufactured somewhere in rural China.

No Physical Address

All registered companies should have a physical address as dictated by law. If they don’t have a physical address, they are not only breaking the law but may also be operating illegally. Always ensure you buy your medications from a registered store to protect your life and that of your loved one.