Hormones play a vital role in our bodies. Any kind of process in the body is not possible without hormones. Androgens are also necessary hormones, which are essential for sex-related functioning. In women, its amount is less, and the estrogen levels are higher. Anti-androgen drugs help to control androgen production in the body in excess. It works by reducing the effect of testosterone. Anti-androgens work by binding to the protein (androgen receptor). Anti-androgens may be beneficial in lowering covid infection outcomes. The world has seen the most severe effects of pandemics in deaths. And the pandemic is not yet over. Restrictions and antigen fit to fly test is still mandatory. 

There are different types of anti-androgens that you can take with other medicines. There are many uses of anti-androgen. This article discusses various essential functions and usage in treatments. 

Use of anti-androgens in women

Androgens are present in all women but not in excess. Many problems arise in women when they have high amounts of androgens. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome usually have higher levels of androgens. At the same time, due to this hormone, hair starts overgrowing in women’s bodies. The doctor prescribes anti-androgen to control the symptoms of the disease. Due to the excess of this hormone, acne problems, ovulation problems etc., also start in women. Conditions, such as ovarian tumours, adrenal gland tumours, etc., can also lead to increased levels of androgens in women. In such a situation, the use of approved anti-androgens on the advice of a doctor becomes very important. You must take information from the doctor about this.

Some studies have found that women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome are at a higher risk of COVID-19 infection. This condition might be due to underlying metabolic comorbidity in such patients. Therefore, anti-androgen can save the lives of many by reducing the severity. A woman who suffers from PCOS should consult her doctor before travelling. She will require a proper diagnosis and medication and the mandatory antigen fit to fly test for safety.

Problems caused by increased levels of androgens in men

Androgens aid in the growth of cancer cells in the prostate. The cancer cell growth subsides once the androgen does not reach the cancer cells. In addition, the tumour also shrinks. Thus, using anti-androgens can protect the patient from delaying the growth of cancer cells. Although, anti-androgen intake does not reduce the production of androgens. During surgical processes too, doctors prefer this drug. An Italian study indicated that males on androgen deprivation therapy could get protection from covid infection. Any prostate cancer patient planning to travel should consult the doctor to ensure a safe and hassle-free journey. It is equally important as the antigen fit to fly test, which is mandatory before flying. 

Use of anti-androgens in transgender women

Due to the excess of androgens in transgender women, problems like excess hair on the face, baldness, etc. Anti-androgen can give relief to such issues. In transgender women, the use of anti-androgens with estrogen is more effective. Doing so helps in suppressing the physical symptoms of men. Doctors widely use this for trans women, and the government approves the process. 

How do Anti-Androgens Work?

There are different types of anti-androgens. The use of these drugs also differs for different kinds of symptoms. The symptoms might appear in women and men when the level of androgen increases. The most common usage of anti-androgen is in the treatment or management of prostate cancer. Flutamide is a type of anti-androgen that comes into use during the treatment of prostate cancer. Using Flutamide binds to androgen receptors in cancer cells. For this reason, the growth of prostate cancer cells stops, and it plays a vital role in preventing cancer. Another usage is in the treatment of PCOS. As mentioned above, women suffering from PCOS are more prone to corona infection. Such patients should be aware that they cannot move out during quarantine without negative days 2 & 8 covid tests. Patients on anti-androgens should check symptoms regularly and contact their doctor immediately if they see a problem. 

Anti-androgens in the treatment of PCOS

Cyproterone anti-androgen is helpful during the problem of polycystic ovary syndrome in women. This medicine lowers the testosterone level in the body and works by reducing the production of oil responsible for acne. This anti-androgen can help lessen the masculine traits found in transgender women. They also help effectively to stop excessive hair growth. Hormone imbalance causes many problems in the body. You should not use Anti-androgen drugs without a doctor’s advice. Anti-androgen may have multiple side effects and also interact with other medications. Although, there are no reports that the presence of anti-androgens might lead to false results for any test. Therefore, if you are in quarantine, you can safely take the day 2 & 8 tests. 

Side effects due to the use of anti-androgens

The use of anti-androgen or androgen-reducing medicine harms the body and has its benefits. What kind of dosage or dosage you are taking, the effect of this is visible on the body. A patient taking this drug can witness decreased sex drive, risk of depression, loss of hair, and congenital disabilities in pregnancy. Other problems can be liver injury, erectile dysfunction, Hepatitis, skin rash, and diarrhoea.

If you see the above symptoms after consuming the medicine, you should immediately contact the doctor. You can get the doctor for more information regarding this. If you see any change in the body, do not ignore it. With prompt treatment, you can avert the symptoms of the disease. Although covid corona services have overwhelmed the doctors and the medical staff across the nation, you should not take the risk of not consulting one. 



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