Contrary to popular belief, smoothies do make ideal partners in the weight loss journey. The only thing you need to take into consideration is what goes in and whatnot. Smoothies are power-packed with all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that prove to detox the body. Green smoothies are a big hit amongst fitness enthusiasts and recovering covid patients. Especially those people who plan to travel and looking for an authentic test done by a  Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers during the pandemic. And, it is easy to understand why people are preferring smoothies. You must have understood by the term green that these particular smoothies involve many different fresh greens and leafy vegetables. These green smoothies are easy to prepare and taste great. No wonder, these are loved by all fitness enthusiasts. Let us understand how a green smoothie diet aids in weight loss.

Who Should Follow A Green Smoothie Diet?

The straight answer to this question is – everyone! Do not consider smoothies as an option only if you want to lose weight.  Smoothies also assist in flushing out the toxins from your body, making your skin glow and loads of other health benefits. Even when you travel after a proper test from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers you should not miss your smoothie schedules. Yes, smoothies are not only meant for weight loss, but they have a lot of benefits for our bodies. But if you are still not convinced, here are a set of questions you may ask yourself before making a valid choice. 

  • What is your body fat percentage? Are you concerned about it?
  • Do you often feel exhausted or dehydrated?
  • Do you often get sugar cravings?
  • Does your skin often break out, or does your hair look dull and lifeless?
  • Have you tried other diet plans, but nothing seemed to have worked in your favour?
  • Are you suffering from fever for the last few days and require a covid test? Should you avoid smoothies in such a condition or not?

Now, be honest to yourself. And if you have answered yes to even one of these questions except the last, it is time to consider switching to a green smoothie diet. Believe it or not, drinking green smoothies daily can give you the following benefits! Many people do not like the taste of the smoothies at the start, but later like it a lot when they get used to it. Moreover, there are some smoothie recipes that you can carry along with you during a flight. You can drink them at the airport or soon after you land. 

Potential Benefits of Green Smoothie Diet

Although weight loss tops the list of potential benefits of incorporating a green smoothie diet into your routine, there are other benefits as well. The point is that you must include a green smoothie in your everyday food; after all, big benefit or not, it certainly does not harm the body in any possible way! Especially if you have iron or other mineral deficiencies or recovering from a prolonged illness. Or, if you are planning long-distance travel after you get the required test done from a Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers. Smoothies will boost your system and help you fight diseases. Most people associate smoothies only with weight loss. They think that they should include smoothies into their diet only if they wish to lose weight. But this is not true. When you read ahead, you will know that smoothies have a whole lot of benefits apart from weight loss that you will be tempted to include these into your diet anyway.

Here is the list of potential benefits of incorporating green smoothies into your regime –

  • Weight loss (obviously)
  • Promotes healthy and glowing skin and hair
  • Boosts immunity. Especially during the present pandemic, you can use smoothies to enhance your body’s capacity to fight against diseases. While you are travelling your body is exposed to various pathogens. You can order a Green list only testing kit if you are travelling. 
  • Improves digestive system
  • Fulfils your daily requirement of fruits and veggies
  • Promotes bone health
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Packed with micronutrients
  • Cleanses your gut
  • Keep away chronic diseases
  • Curbs your sweet cravings
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Decreases inflammation. Various tests and studies have proved that. 
  • Prevents cardiovascular risks
  • Refines your overall health
  • Budget-friendly

How to make the correct green smoothie that aids in weight loss?

The key to wanting a green smoothie every day is to make sure it does not taste like a blended salad (ugh). While specific recipes are amazing, you should not get too worked up in exact ingredients and measurements. There is no reason to stress about not having the exact ingredients (or quantity) the recipe says. Almost every ingredient that goes into the smoothie can be substituted for something equally good and flavourful. Use fresh fruits and vegetables. You can get them from the market easily in Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, or Luton.

Also, you get to experiment with what you crave, not what it says in the magazine or the internet, so be creative when creating a smoothie. There are few main ingredients that go into making a green smoothie. The first important ingredient is the liquid. You can choose milk (coconut, almond, skimmed, etc.), water, yoghurt-water mix, buttermilk, cold tea, anything that you wish except sweetened liquids. The second most important ingredient is fresh leafy vegetables. Liquid quantity and vegetable quantity should be equal when preparing a smoothie. Spinach, kale, mint, parsley, cilantro, etc., anything you wish or half-half of two vegetables in one go. You can also add some fresh fruits. Adding fruits depends on what type of vegetables you are using for your smoothy. Tests have shown that fruits are good immunity boosters. 

Side ingredients

Then there are side ingredients. The quantity depends on your choice of taste. You may add in garlic, herbs, chia seeds, flax seeds, dates, nuts, salt or coconut oil, etc. This is to enhance the richness of your smoothie. You can also add supplements like honey or ice cubes. Once you mix all ingredients you need to blend them as a smoothie. You can add more to your smoothie while travelling. You can easily get packed fruit juice at the airport. There are some relevant points you should note while you prepare a smoothy. Please wash the fruits and vegetables properly with tap water before putting them in the blender. Vegetables should not necessarily have to be green in colour – the green term is more metaphorical than specific. Please stick to your favourite flavour combinations initially to make it a habit of drinking a green smoothie. Once you get used to it, you can start experimenting with different varieties.


A green smoothie is undoubtedly nutritious, but starving yourself while having only green smoothies is never healthful. As a matter of fact, taking a diet that consists of only one kind of food is never recommended. This is not good for your immunity. Governments all across the world are promoting a healthy diet during the pandemic to keep your immunity intact. So any diet dependent on just one type of ingredient is not good.  Such diets will do more harm than help. A diet should always balance proteins, whole grains, low-calorie carbs, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables. So wait no more and devour the toothsome green smoothie!