Obesity has become a global problem, and it is not limited to a particular age group. It is affecting children and adults alike. Obesity is one of the major comorbidities that leads to high chances of mortality in coronavirus infection. Doctors have advised obese people with heart and lung diseases to stay safe by staying inside their homes. Apart from the mandatory antigen fit to fly test, obese travellers are being motivated to consult their doctor and get prior approval before flying. 

For many obesity is a problem that is caused by their poor lifestyle. Obesity is one of the most discussed subjects over the internet. Although, the irony is that most people are not even aware when they start becoming obese. They tend to notice the weight gain after a period of time when they start witnessing other related problems.  It can hamper day to day life and also lead to an earlier death. Stroke and heart attacks are common in obese people. Government approved surveys have shown that obesity is a global pandemic.

Obesity increases the chances of dozens of diseases

If you are overweight, you are at increased risk of dozens of other diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Remember these are also the major comorbidities that made the corona pandemic worse for the system to handle. Testings have proved that obese people tend to die more because of coronavirus infection than lean or normal-weight people. Treatment of obesity through geriatric surgery has become a major industry in the UK. People all over the world come to the UK for these types of surgeries. At present days it has become more difficult for such people due to the mandatory 10-day quarantine on reaching the UK. Such patients can have their surgery only after their quarantine ends. And for that, they have to have negative test results for days 2 & 8 .

Furthermore, such people have to take an antigen fit to fly test before leaving the UK. And all this has led to additional obesity-related problems and that is stress and anxiety. Yes, obese people are more susceptible to stress, anxiety and depression as compared to others.

Obesity in Children

It is a known fact that fat children remain fat even when they are adults. Therefore, doctors are advising parents to control the diet of their children. A good diet plan with fewer calories and more nutrients is the only solution for obese children. Changing habits might seem to be difficult but under proper supervision and guidance from psychiatric experts, parents can achieve this.  An increase in waist size is the first thing that one can notice in children. And at this stage, a stringent diet regime can be followed to control obesity. Recent quarantines have also led to an increase in obesity in children and adults. We are not talking about the 10 days of mandatory quarantine for flyers coming to the UK and those require day 2 & 8 PCR tests. It is the general lockdown or the quarantine that people had to face due to the pandemic. 

According to the researchers, men whose waist size is 10 per cent more than the normal size are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Also, waist size can tell us which low and normal-weight people are likely to have diabetes. Obesity causes more deaths than underweight. The fact related to obesity is that globally obesity is the most significant cause of death. According to statistics, obesity is the cause of death of 3 per cent of people every year. Apart from this, high blood pressure, tobacco use, high glucose level and not being physically active can also lead to death. 

Obesity is more common in middle age.

People aged 40 to 59 years are more obese than any other age group. About 40 per cent of adults in this age group are obese. Child obesity is also becoming a significant problem in urban areas, especially in metro cities. Older women are more likely to suffer from obesity than older men. According to one figure, 40.4 per cent of older women in America are obese, while the number of men is 35 per cent. The problem of obesity is so rampant that frequent obese flyers have to face discrimination due to their weight. This year in January an obese family was refused accommodation in the business class by the Thai air due to obesity. This happened in Newzealand although the family had cleared the antigen fit to fly test.

A healthy diet can control obesity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people can keep their weight under control by adopting a healthy diet. Instead of saturated fat, our diet should include unsaturated fat. It is beneficial to consume vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains instead of fast food. By limiting the amount of salt and sugar in your food, you can prevent weight gain. The World Health Organization report also states that 1.9 billion adults are obese. This report also says that increasing weight is the cause of death of 2.8 billion people. So no matter how caught up you are, take out time in the midst of all this and pay attention to your health. It won’t be a surprise that one day we will have to take an obesity test before boarding a plane. 

Following are the ways to keep the weight balanced:

Exercise daily. It is not necessary to do workouts only by going to the gym. You can exercise even at home. Exercise at least five days a week. Swimming or walking can help a lot by burning calories. Eat nutritious food, green vegetables, and seasonal fruits, and drink more water. Do not consume oily-spicy foods and junk food. Involve children in outdoor activities to prevent obesity. Ride a bike or go swimming every day. People also become obese due to thyroid malfunction. 


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