N-95 Mask

Common knowledge

Other than getting an Antigen test near me, Face masks are protective equipment that prevents Covid-19. It protects people from contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. They are perfect for preventing the user from airborne liquid particles containing microorganisms. It is essential to note that these items should not be the only form of protection from germs. To prevent the release of the disease, other protective measures such as personal hygiene and social distancing rules should apply.

Why Are They Popular?

Face masks are popular because it is easy to wear, clean and dispose of. In addition, these products help protect against covid contaminants. Other contaminants are:

  • Splashes
  • Splatter
  • Large droplets
  • Sprays
  • Small droplets
  • Germs

The two most common types currently used:

  • N95 Respirators
  • Surgical

Due to the scarcity of medical resources, N95 respirators should be reserved for medical practitioners that are on the frontline in providing services t patients. Following this guideline will help in curbing the scarcity of protective equipment for medical doctors. This protects the user from viral infections with an accuracy of 95%. Compare this with the surgical at 50%, and you will get to understand why they are the most expensive in the market. These devices exceed protection capability:

  • Type of material used
  • Don’t quickly get damp
  • Ability to protect the user
  • A protective design


N-95 is the most efficient mask in the market. This means its demand is high and since the entire world wants one. Similarly, if you consider the law of demand and supply, you will understand why it is expensive. The public is discouraged to use this product because of its high demand. Currently, only health care providers wear N-95.

Reasons to use

  • Can be disposed of after use.
  • Surgical are easily available
  • They are cheaper


Researchers advise against the sharing of PPEs, particularly gloves and surgical. Similarly, if one shares their mask, the recipient risks contracting the disease.

In conclusion, PPE’s are used as a precautionary measure together with regularly getting an Antigen test near me or TTR. It is recommended that healthy people follow prevention procedures such as following social distancing rules and regularly washing hands with soap and water. You should also avoid crowded places and maintain a healthy diet.