Most countries went into lockdown to save its citizens from the lethal action of Covid-19. During this time, firstly, the online business grew faster, secondly, prioritizing commodities especially medicines. For instance, ‘Medicines online’ is a kind of online trader which is providing Goods and Service to the Healthcare Industries and an Online Appointment Booking system to the patients. Additionally, they provide care even in this hard time when we are going through a great health risk due to BLM protests along with coronavirus.


Black Lives Matter (BLM) Protest In Relation to Corona

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an organized nonviolent movement aimed at stopping unjust police killings against black people. And most importantly, the movement is free-wheeling, has no specific leader and individual participants. The BLM protest has started recently in Minneapolis, Minnesota, because when an unarmed black man named George Floyd was pinned to the ground by a white police officer.

The officer who has been fired and charged for murder, knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, as Floyd pleaded, “I can’t breathe.” After that, the protest had burst very severely when the whole United States was trembling because of the virus outbreak. When the US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) was advising people to maintain social distance and personal hygiene, this kind of civil disobedience was agitating.
According to medical specialists, during this pandemic,  such kind of chaos puts public health in great danger. Because everyone is at risk of catching the infection. Due to close contact.

BLM Protest in Covid-19: Researchers’ Point of View

While hundreds of cities across the country witnessed protests, similarly, thousands more did not. Researches are underway to calculate the number of positive patients, in other words, the data from Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center gives us a different scenario. In summary, if we have a glimpse of the table, we can see that some significant locations where massive protests are known to have occurred, and the new cases of coronavirus have been decreased compared to the 15 days prior.


States Daily Confirmed Cases (May 10-May 24): Daily Confirmed Cases (May 26-June 9): Stay at home order
Minneapolis, Minnesota 3360 2146 March 27-May 4
Washington, DC 1838 1140 April 1- May 29.
New York 13706 8392 March 22-Ongoing
Illinois 19355 8392 March 12-May 30
LA, California. 13314 1810 March 19-Ongoing.


Reason of Less Transmission

Based on the data research, some specialists suggest that the risk of transmission might be less in open places than indoors. As a result,  the specialists also added that fresh air could dilute the virus to a degree, which finally decreases its capability for transmission.


Precautions That Can Be Taken

In summary, there is no doubt that the reasons for protesting are valid. Firstly, it is also true that an infected person among these protesters can put thousands of lives in danger. Secondly, because in this situation, there is no alternative to use a face mask or at least a face-covering cloth. In addition, it is no substitute for maintaining a physical distance. Lastly, the best precaution is not attending large gatherings if you have any symtoms of the infection.

In summary, because the virus is not going anywhere anytime soon, we must not let our guard down. That means taking precautionary measures, for instance, using face masks and hand sanitisers.
In conclusion, if you are a supporter of the BLM, you can try to raise your voice from home through social media, instead of, going outside. So make sure you keep yourself and those around you safe!