Gone are the happy and carefree days and the mild post-disease period. It is safe to say the COVID-19 could have a long hovering period. Specialists are coining this as “Long-haul COVID”. It is a state where a person does not feel completely recovered from an illness even after a long time of being ill. There seem to many lingering after-effects of the illness due to Covid-19. It could affect the person both physically and mentally. The economies of many nations have been devasted. Resources are overwhelmed. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, the government has made it mandatory for anyone coming outside the UK to undergo a quarantine and take a test. The test can be ordered from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers. If these mandatory procedures are not followed then you will be fined £500 and it will be considered a criminal act.

Problems arising from Covid-19

The results of even milder COVID-19 could cause chronic discomfort such as aching joints or muscles, splitting headaches, and chest pain. These also include some cognitive symptoms such as psychological distress and difficulty restoring physical function in everyday activities.  As the research is progressing, we could get a more black and white picture. The growing concern is that it could somehow be related to pre-underlying factors of the patient which could further exacerbate the condition of the patient once he/she is diagnosed with it. Therefore, if you have any of these comorbidities you should test yourselves regularly. You can order a test from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers. Especially, if you are coming from any of the amber or green list countries. 

Patients who are immobile or on a ventilator for an extended amount of time are more prone to develop weakness, muscle atrophy, and other neurologic issues, all of which can lead to persistent pain challenges that can last for years following in ICU. Testing and timely medication with physiotherapy is recommended in such cases. 

Corona is a new experience for humanity

Covid is relatively new in all spheres and the medicals field is no less the exception. Therefore, governments have taken unprecedented steps to stop the spread of this virus. The new strains are highly contagious. To prevent the virus from coming from outside the UK, there are certain restrictions. As mentioned above an individual landing in the UK has to go through a mandatory quarantine. This ensures that, if infected, that individual will not spread the virus to others. A mandatory test ordered from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers is also required. With all these checks and controls the nation was able to control the spread up to a certain extent. 

Tests and observations have proved that COVID can have a direct and sometimes significant effect on the neurological system which could contribute to long-term illness or chronic in nature. How it works is the coronavirus spike protein has receptors in both nerves and muscle tissues which will allow the virus into the body and it could further damage the neurological part of the body by damaging several nerves, influencing pain pathways inside the brain, and impair the skeleton system which all could be devasting considering you are just recovering from it.

Covid-19 and Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety, not surprising in today’s linear world, and with COVID, symptoms like anxiety and depression are additional problems. Mental stress, emotional distress, and cognitive difficulties, and with all those harsh words they do seem like some post-traumatic disorder. While they seem so but we can’t certainly downplay them. If you have covid or are on a ventilator then you can have PTSD-like symptoms. Testing is required to calibrate the exact dose of drugs. However, as the progress continues, we are discovering more ways to assist those who are struggling to recuperate and go on with their lives. If you are struggling with anxiety then you can consult a psychiatrist in your area. If you live around Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, or Luton you can get a few of the best doctors in the UK. 

Covid-19 affecting organs other than the lungs

Post covid syndrome means that a patient infected with the coronavirus continues to experience symptoms or side effects for a long. These symptoms can persist for several days or months.  Tests have clearly shown that the virus first affects the lungs but it can also affect the kidneys, liver, heart and blood vessels. Numbness in the nerves, depression, amnesia are some of the symptoms observed. This clearly indicates that coronavirus might have serious consequences on the brain too. Another after-effect of the corona is a fungal infection. This doesn’t happen directly because of the corona. The medication (steroids) given during corona infection can reduce body immunity. The fungus then easily attacks and infects your body. The patient might have recovered from a corona infection till then. Test results show that steroids can harm more. 

Other Problems

During a Covid-19 infection, some patients become severely depleted of oxygen. Due to which there is a deep side effect on their brain. This condition is a hypoxic brain injury. Due to this, the recovery of the patient becomes very difficult. Apart from this, after corona infection, there is an increase in the chances of getting headaches, paralysis and epilepsy. Many have also experienced the loss of smell, tiredness and weakness, loss of memory, numbness too. Sometimes these symptoms do not seem to get better for several days even after being negative. The test results do not reveal anything new. It means then the patient is in dire need of post covid support. 

Scientists and doctors are still learning new things about COVID-19. Every week there is new information and update that comes in from various parts of the world. New strains are being discovered every other month.  Rigorous testings all over the world are being conducted. And the new strains are far more contagious and lethal than the previous ones.  It is important that all the nations and governments share the data with each other. This is a pandemic that no nation alone can fight. But ultimately outside help and knowing the ‘how’s and ‘why’ would getting recover slowly. Also, even when you have a COVID would help you drastically than you could ever know it.