Protection of the childrenchild being examined

Is antigen test near me being conducted on children safe?  The answer to this question is simple. For instance, children are most likely to have the disease even though they may not show any symptoms. This is because their immune system can resist Covid-19. This does not, however, mean that the virus can not kill them.

Children who have existing conditions such as asthma and pneumonia are more likely to die from the condition when compared to healthy kids. Also, we must consider the fact that there has been a strange illness affecting the young ones. Western countries such as Spain, England, Italy, and America are reporting cases of a new kind of illness. The scariest part of this disease is that scientists are yet to understand why it occurs and why it only affects children. Recent studies from laboratories however have shown that children who suffered from this disease have antibodies. This is to show that kids being release to the condition every single day.

Is it safe

To make the covid vaccine safe for the general population, then examinations must be done. Currently, it has been conducted on patients above the age of 18. However, because of its success among this age group, It is now being extended to lower groups. This is the only way that a cure can be made that is safe for use by this group. The University of Oxford is conducting these procedures among kids who are between the age of 5 to 12 years. As explained earlier, though they are less likely to get the illness, they are the number carriers of it.

Are You Hesitant?

Maybe you think that this may not be safe. I too would be just as nervous and I would not want my child to be used as an experimental tool. This is understandable because your work as a parent is to protect your kids. However, ask yourself whether it is right to let the experiment, and then, later on, you benefit from a finished product.

Production is a joint effort among different stakeholders. The faster people work together, the better. This is because it speeds up the production process. The first phase of the vaccine had minor side effects. The noticed effects are a sore arm and increased temperatures. This June, Oxford researchers will widen their scope and carry out test to result on at least 10,260 people. This is the second phase and if the results are encouraging, then researchers will conduct more examinations on an even larger population.

The Process

The government is currently recruiting healthcare workers and doctors to help in finding suitable candidates. The trial process starts from older age groups to younger age groups. In addition, younger groups normally get the antidote at home where their parents will be supervising them. As a parent, you will are to monitor the temperature and any side effects, if any. In conclusion, there are no incentives to join the trial. Also, parents have the right to withdraw their children from the antigen test near me program at any time.