Physical and mental fitness is gaining tremendous popularity during these dark and tormented times. In contrast to popular belief, you do not need all sorts of weights and plates to sweat out the toxins. The bare minimum requirement is self-motivation, specifically on days when you do not feel like moving no matter what. Yes, motivation is very important to keep you going. If you are not motivated, you will start exercise, but in few days, you will get bored and will not follow your exercise routine. Stay motivated even while you travel. You can always do a stretching exercise at the airport and no one will stop you. And if you are travelling from a country that is on the amber or green list, you will have to stay in quarantine. Then also you can utilize your quarantine time to keep yourself fit and healthy. And don’t forget to order a test from any company in the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers.

As you are here, so we hope you have taken the first and the most prime step, i.e. to start working out and a healthy lifestyle. Kudos, you are already halfway there! Therefore, we won’t test your patience anymore. Let us jump straight to the point. In this article, we will understand the best weight loss tips through a series of questions.

How To Start?

Always remember that you are doing this for your sane body and mind. If you feel pressured, you may end up quitting at the smallest of faults. Do not start with all the exercises at once. Start with a brisk walk for about 30 minutes and gradually increase the time the next day. If you are in quarantine after as you came out from another country, then you can do flour exercise or a skipping type of exercise. After you test negative for covid as a result of the test you ordered from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers then you are free to go home and start back your routine. The point is never to stop exercising.  If you are comfortable in a brisk walk, replace it with jogging, running, or using a jump rope for about 30-40 minutes. Give your body 4-5 days to adjust and start with lifting lighter weights.

For How Long To Continue?

The duration of your workout depends on various factors. The first factor is your fitness level. Your fitness level is the foremost crucial factor to determine your fitness journey. Always listen to your body and try to stay consistent. Don’t push it too hard. Always accept that there are certain limitations that your body has and it will take time to get over them. Another important factor is the type of workout you choose. Push yourself but set realistic goals. List out your exercises for the day. Opt for a lesser duration of high-intensity workouts and a longer duration of low-intensity drills. The policy of mix and match works the best. Test yourself again and again to reach a final plan. Consult a trainer online. There are many good trainers in and around Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, and Luton that can guide you. Continuity of only one kind will only prolong your success while switching from long format to short format will keep things spiced up. And your body will get time to recover, elevating your energy and confidence.

Other factors

Resting between sets is a principal rule. Give yourself a break of a minimum of 10 seconds after every exercise. Take a sip or two of water, but do not gulp water during the exercises. Take deep breaths. Flex your muscles if you feel like it. Keep moving. Do not stand still until absolutely necessary. All these will relax your heartbeat and your muscles as well. Apart from these, take a mandatory day off once a week. And if you are in quarantine take extra precautions. If you find any symptom of covid then you can order a test from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers. They will give you the test results in a short time and then you can be back on your exercise schedule. Time management is another important factor. If you have a really hectic schedule, try a brisk walk for only about 10-15 minutes repeatedly. Make it a habit. Walking is simple but one of the best exercises that one can do without any hassles. Walking is also recommended for people if they are looking to lose weight. 

Any Rules To Follow?

There are no specific rules to follow. But remember these few basic facts. There is no point in overdoing exercises one day and not being able to move the other day. Give yourself a pep talk frequently. Take breaks at regular intervals. Take care of your posture while lifting weights. If travelling, plan out your work out in advance. You will not be able to all of the daily exercises at the airport. But, you can take time for some simple stretch exercise that you can do easily anywhere. This will keep your muscles toned and relaxed even while you travel.

What Are The Fundamental Exercise Movements?

The fundamentals of any exercise are chiefly the outcome of human body movements. The easiest of them is walking. For example, you can include a brisk walk, spot jog, running, jumping jacks, high knees, quick feet, step touch, scatter touch, knee lift, etc. in your daily routine. The next that comes on our list is push and pull. These are simple voluntary moments that a human body does every day. E.g., bicep curl, wall push-ups, pull-ups, tricep dips, bench press, overhead dumbbell extensions, tricep kickback, lying tricep extensions, shoulder raises, shoulder press, renegade rows, etc. Then you have squats. This will affect your entire body in a positive way. Squat hold, split squat, sumo squat, squat walk, goblet squat, etc. come under this category. Tests have shown that squats improve your body posture and muscle tone. 

Points To Remember

Take a calorie deficit balanced diet and include your greens fused with protein. Incorporate the foods that are often rich in nutrients like fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, legumes, whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice, nuts, seeds, etc. |If you are a diabetic then take regular tests to check your sugar level and adjust your medicines accordingly. Drink no less than 3-5 litres of water daily. Include fresh juices, black coffee, almond milk, smoothies, energy drinks, ciders, dairy-free sodas, vegan teas, hot chocolate, soy milk, alternative milk, and non-dairy milk. It is said that drinking water first thing in the morning empty stomach refreshes the body and cleanse the system. Listen to your body. Take rests whenever required. Sleep at least 7 hours a day to regain muscle strength. Sleep is the best form of rest too. Your body gets time to repair itself when you sleep.