The disease of autism remains an enigma for medical science. There is not much information available about this disease. There is still much to be studied about this. This is also because its symptoms, causes and treatment are different in every patient. To understand autism and develop its treatment, research continues. Autism also affects the structure of the brain. In addition, tests have also revealed that children with normal low birth weight and abnormal brain structure are more likely to be victims of autism. Part of the brain that controls emotions and thoughts were found to be abnormal in children suffering from autism. Children are expected to be more infected in the third wave of the corona. Order test from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers if you are in a quarantined and have visited or come from amber or green list country. 

Symptoms of Autism

The symptoms of autism appear very early in children. Its symptoms can be seen in children between one and three years of age. If a one-year-old baby does not smile or respond even after gesturing or showing toys, then it may be a sign of autism and parents should take the child to the doctor immediately. Apart from this, in the disease of autism, when the child tries to speak, he makes strange sounds. The symptoms of autism can be different in children.  Anyhow, during the corona pandemic, it is mandatory for anyone coming from another country for an autism checkup to test for corona. Tests can be ordered from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers

These are some of the common symptoms of autism.

  • Children usually respond when the child is around or talking to a parent or other person. However, children with autism do not respond in this way. They do not smile or respond to any toy or activity. Also, the effect of autism problem can be seen on the brain. Tests can detect an early stage of autism. 
  • Many times parents feel that the child has a hearing problem and they get worried about it and take the child to the doctor for an ear problem. However, the cause of the child not responding even after hearing sounds can also be due to autism. In such a situation, parents do not understand for a long time why this is so.
  • In addition to not responding due to autism, they also have trouble speaking or expressing their feelings. Due to this, children sometimes become victims of inferiority complex. It is also often seen that children suffering from autism also become irritable.
  • Children with autism often move their limbs or say that their body parts are constantly vibrating.
  • Children with autism do not mix much with people. At the same time, they remain lost in themselves. Due to this, such children are not able to learn social skills, which can be a matter of concern for the parents.
  • Children with autism can sometimes take longer than necessary to do a task. In many cases, such children take hours for even minutes of work. Parents must keep an eye on them and in such a situation, ask the children to take a break.
  • Apart from this, due to the effect of autism on the brain, sometimes it can also block the mental development of children.

What is Autism Spectrum? 

Children with autism also have trouble speaking and socializing. Because of this, children start getting scared to mix in society and always seem scared. There are many types of autism and symptoms and they vary from patient to patient. For this reason, the term autism spectrum is used. The exact cause of autism disease is not yet confirmed what causes autism. However, it is believed that this disease is caused by our genes and environment. People come to the UK from across the entire world for a gene test. Such people are now mandatory kept under quarantine before they take a test from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers with negative results. Genetic tests are not available in many nations and the covid restrictions have made things difficult. 

Why is HDL cholesterol important for us?

Cholesterol is an essential fat, which helps in maintaining balance in every cell of our body. There are two types of cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, which is called good cholesterol. On the other hand, there is LDL cholesterol which is called bad cholesterol. HDL cholesterol removes bad cholesterol by circulating through the blood throughout the body. Apart from this, it also keeps it clean by making a shield inside the blood vessels. High levels of HDL cholesterol guard against heart diseases. You can get your cholesterol levels checked in any lab in Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, or Luton. 

Relationship between HDL cholesterol and autistic children

Tests conducted by Dr Yasmin Neggers at the University of Alabama revealed that the amount of good cholesterol HDL is reduced in children with autism. In this research, a group of two children was studied. One of which had healthy children and the other children with autism. It was found that despite eating the same diet, autistic children had a lower balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, as well as lower levels of HDL cholesterol.

Cause and treatment

However, the reasons for the occurrence of this disease are not yet known. Researchers believe that autism is caused by a defect in certain genes. In some children this disease is genetic and in some, it is seen after birth. According to the NINDS, tests have shown that if one of the twins has autism, there is a 36 to 95 per cent chance that the other child will also have the disease. There has been a change in the speech and behaviour of the person suffering from this disease. This disease can also occur due to natural reasons. There is no treatment for autism. There are certain medicines that control the symptoms. 

Research results

This testing has revealed that the risk of heart diseases is manifold due to this disturbance of cholesterol in children with autism. At the same time, it is not at all that increasing HDL cholesterol can provide relief from autism. There is still no specific basis for the association between autism and HDL cholesterol. This disease is a complex neurodevelopmental condition, due to which the patient has difficulty in leading a social life. If any child in your family is suffering from autism or if the symptoms related to autism are seen in the child, then he must be treated with the help of a specialist.